All of us have seen how the internet has dominated the world around us. It has been evident that businesses and schools have adopted the e-platform to continue to function smoothly. Apart from that, boredom has also resulted in people watching numerous online series. This hike in the usage of the internet has led a lot of people to purchase WiFi routers and mobile data connections. Everyone prefers WiFi over mobile data connections because they provide more stable connections. There are different types of WiFi router brands that are in the market. However, more than the WiFi routers, you should focus on the IP address. An IP address looks like a set of numbers, for instance, is an IP address. This IP address is the identity of your WiFi network.

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Out of the numerous IP addresses out there, is one of the highly used ones. Don’t forget to look at the IP address clearly, because similar IP addresses like do exist. This article covers the techniques that will help you to log into the router with the IP address

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How To Log Into IP Address

The first thing to do is that you need to type in the address bar to go to the router’s login page. Here, you must enter the username and password your technician had given you at the time of installation. You should have written it on a piece of paper and stored it somewhere. 

router login

If you do not recollect any such thing, you can use a few combinations of credentials. These have been mentioned in the table below.

Username Password
admin admin
admin password
user password
user user
(none) (none)
1234 1234

You can try out the combinations from the table here one by one. If you do not see that these credentials are helping you out, you can then continue reading this article to know how to log in.

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What To Do If I Am Unable To Log Into My Router?

If you find none of the techniques that have been mentioned previously work for you, you might want to check the router’s body. You will see that the IP address and the router’s credentials will be mentioned as

  • These details might be at the back of the router or the sides. Make sure that you look for it properly.
  • The next place to check is the manual of the router. Some companies make it a point to publish their credentials on their manuals. Again, this process might sound a little boring and tedious, but you should not miss out on this step.
  • The next place that can probably have the username and password is the official website of the router. Some router companies publish the credentials on their site too. You must make it a point to look at the website properly first.

Router reset

The ultimate solution to all your problems is to perform a router reset with as its IP address. To do this resetting, look for a small button at the back of the router. The button will be extremely small, and it will be nearly impossible for you to press the button with your fingers. Therefore, you have to look for an object that can help you press the button. The object should not be pointy at the tip – you can use a paperclip or the back of a toothpick. As soon as you decide, you can then hold press the button until the lights turn off. Once they turn back on, you can conclude that the router has been reset.

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How do I log in to

Enter the IP address in the search bar to access the official website. An admin panel will open with an option to provide the username and password. Click Apply.

Which are the standard username and password of

Some many usernames and passwords are commonly used 'admin,' 'password,' 'user,' and '1234.'

How do I check the credentials of my router?

Generally, all the credentials will be provided in the user’s manual. Make sure you read them correctly and know the necessary details.

What do I do if I lose my user manual?

The credentials and details about the router are generally also published on their official website; you can check the same.


Finally, at the end of this article, you can say that you can perform the router’s login with the IP address. All that you will require is that you need to follow the steps that have been laid out here. The steps need to be done without any change in the order. 

First, try to find out the credentials that your technician gave, then move on to the default username and password list. If you do not find anything helpful, you move on to the manual and the website. The last solution to the problem is that you reset the router. This step only needs to be done when you do not have any other alternative to help you out. Note that all of the techniques will always expect you to note that will be the IP address.

However, it is vital to note that you must not take matters into your hands no matter how easy the reset might be. Try to reach out to your technician for assistance. You should not take up the mindset that you are saving money by not hiring someone. In case you make any mistake, you might cause some irreparable damage. This piece of advice applies to all routers, and not only for routers with IP address.

If you have other routers with a different IP Address, we have covered them up too. Our other articles on router login, such as iball router login, Asus router login, and Time Warner router logincan also be a good reference for doing any router login.

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