Errors and bugs are a part of our lives. Whether we talk in general, or as the people belong from fields like IT. In IT, the more bugs you get rid of, the more skill you seem to possess. Even in daily life, we have so many technical gadgets near at hand. There can be various issues with them from time to time. One of these is the DHCP Lookup failed issue. Knowing bits about getting rid of these can make our lives easier by folds.

So that is what we’re discussing. I’ll tell you about the DHCP lookup failed, and what all there is to know. It will be a relief when you face and solve it by yourself. 

So let’s go on and talk about DHCP lookup failed impediment, bit by bit.

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Define DHCP

Of course, most of us can tell the full form in a jiffy. Funnily enough, that’s the first thing we intend to say out loud when we see a term. For those who don’t know, DHCP is the abbreviation to Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol.

DHCP Server

As it is the first term in the DHCP lookup failed situation, it becomes significant to decipher it. It is a bunch of directives that work with the correct allocation of the IP. The DHCP assigns these addresses to everyone who needs them. Also, it does so automatically, without any human intervention whatsoever.

That means as soon as there is a new user, he gets an address for his use. Before he can even realize there is a process going on.

The addresses The DHCP assigns are all dynamic, meaning? That they keep on changing. It is essential to understand all of it, to comprehend the DHCP lookup failed, more fluently, and without fail.

You get a new address every time you make a new connection to the network. That means you get a new instance of it, each time you switch on your wifi. Or connect to it after a power renewal.

Now that we have settled that much let us see where the DHCP lookup failed problem fits into the picture. Learn how to Perform HG8245A Firmware Update here.

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The Whys and Hows of DHCP Lookup Failed Error

Its an error message, that much, I’m sure you must have figured out by now. Let me tell you its root cause. You get the DHCP lookup failed problem when the DHCP is unable to assign you an IP. And consequently, you cannot use the internet, or surf, or watch something on NetFlix.


Some people on the internet say that It happens because the pool assigned to your network is not enough. For example, if your gateway permits to have a 254 gadgets range. In that case, The gateway won’t assign an address to anything outside that range. And hence it informs you of the same with the DHCP lookup failed error popping up.

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Top 2 Methods to Fix DHCP Lookup Failed

You can try out some corrective measures. The first thought in your head should be when DHCP lookup failed pops is if you even enabled it. Of course, it only works if you have toggled it on in your router’s administrative portal. If its already on, in your settings, then you can move on the portion coming up.


Please pay attention to enable the DHCP for the DHCP lookup failed to disappear. For that, you’ve to get into your portal.

Make Alterations in the Set Up 

  • Ensure that you’ve got an excellent stable connection. If you don’t mind remembering credentials, you can have a wireless one. Otherwise, go for the one with a wire. It’s your best shot. Then find your IP. how?
  • Open the command prompt by using the cmd command on your system’s search bar. After the black screen materializes, type in “ipconfig.” From all the bunch of numbers you see, the default gateway is what you’d want to jot down.

Command Prompt

  • In the next step of fixing the DHCP failed lookup problem, fire up your browser. Use your IP in the address bar to enter the environment.
  • Fill in details it asks of you. Once you finally get in, look for the properties option. That is where it is likely you’ll find the option to toggle on the DHCP.
  • While you’re at it, do select the Domain name system addresses as well as the DHCP. Do take extra caution of ticking both types of IPs, you’ll get the same result otherwise. By both, I mean IPv6 as well as IPv4.
  • But as I said, if it is already on, then you could try to disconnect and then reconnect with your wifi. Sometimes, it is as tiny as the unfortunate connection issue.
  • If that doesn’t fix the DHCP lookup failed problem, you could reset your router. Resetting might fix all mishaps.

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An Alternative Approach to Fix DHCP Lookup Failed Error

So, if none of the above has been useful and you want to stop beating about the bush. One single term is your answer–TROUBLESHOOT. It’s as concrete as a method you could find to resolve the DHCP lookup failed impediment. It is the most expert approach for a critical problem like this.

See the search bar near the windows button on the bottom left? If you start writing troubleshoot there, you’ll get the “troubleshooting settings.” Click them to open. It’ll list various problems there. Run the troubleshooter for the one you want to resolve. 

It’ll tell you what the issue is and why the DHCP lookup failed problem won’t go away. Also, it’ll suggest the options to get rid of the same.

Troubleshoot DHCP Lookup Failed


What causes a DHCP lookup failed error?

A failed DHCP lookup failed error can be caused by various issues, including a malfunctioning DHCP server, misconfigured network settings, or network connectivity issues.

How do I fix a DHCP lookup failed error?

To fix a DHCP lookup failed error, try restarting your router and modem, checking network cables and connections, and resetting your network settings.

How do I reset my network settings?

To reset your network settings, go to your device's network settings and select the option to reset or forget network connections. This will erase all saved network settings and allow you to start fresh.

Can a DHCP lookup failed error be caused by a faulty network cable?

A faulty network cable can cause a DHCP lookup failed error by disrupting network connectivity and preventing communication between devices.

Can a DHCP lookup failed error affect multiple devices on a network?

Yes, a DHCP lookup failed error can affect multiple devices on a network if caused by a malfunctioning DHCP server or network connectivity issues.

What should I do if I continue to experience DHCP lookup failed errors despite troubleshooting steps?

If you continue to experience DHCP lookup failed errors despite troubleshooting steps, contact your internet service provider or a professional network technician for assistance.


Here, in one place, I’ve explained everything about the DHCP lookup failed error popup. Whether it is the meaning of terms or ways to rid of it, it is all here!! Knowing things like it can do you a lot of good. So do read it, peeps. 

And keep visiting us for more such content.

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