Routers in this digital world have become necessary for every human being, as they help provide the internet. Some routers, like the Tenda Ac10 router, are worth buying, but when a router comes, it has to be set up and logged in. Thus, there is a guide for easy login of the Tenda Ac10 router.

This article provides you with various solutions where one can learn how to use Ac10 wifi, how you can set up and log in to the Tenda Ac10 router, and how you can change the password and ID after factory reset as it provides a solution for users with the best high-speed internet at affordable prices. You need to refer to the guide, and depending on the issue, you can follow the steps.

This post teaches about Tenda Ac10 router setup, and you can easily change and reset password.

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What Is Tenda Ac10 Router?

Modern technology chooses the best signal and band for your devices, allowing you to see TV, movies, and shows on your smart devices. You don’t need to switch signals from each device. Tenda Ac10 router is the best router to provide network and internet services to home appliances. This router is unique, providing a security check of connected devices.

tenda ac 10 routers

You may move freely across your home thanks to wifi fast roaming without experiencing signal losses or buffering. You can rapidly set up your wifi, create a guest wifi network to safeguard your network’s privacy, monitor what’s connected and control the priority of its access, schedule a period for your children’s online activities, and more with the Tenda wifi app.

The Ac10 mesh system provides dependable, seamless wifi across your home, enabling buffer-free connections with over 50 devices. Ac10 mesh units cover 1000–1500 square feet when functioning seamlessly and can be extended if you need more. Through the Tenda wifi App, Ac10 Mesh makes the setup and maintenance simple and effective.

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How To Login To Tenda Ac10 Router?

The Tenda Ac10 router provides an easy login procedure. One needs to follow a few steps provided below to login into the router for the Tenda Ac10 setup:

  1. To log in, open your browser and input “” as the default IP address in the address bar.enter ip address
  2. The router’s username and password entry fields should now be visible on the login screen.login ac10
  3. Your router’s default username and password are admin. The tenda ac10 default password and login-id are the same.
  4. To access the Tenda Mesh3f Ac10 control panel, enter your username and password on the router’s login screen and click “Login.”login ac10 login

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How To Change the Default Login And Password Of Tenda Mesh3f Ac10?

Considering safety is a major issue in today’s time to an individual’s life, the Tenda Ac10 router provides security checkups as well in its router. Since network security is crucial, the first and most important duty is to alter the default login and password for the Tenda Mesh3f Ac10 router to something more private and safe. Some strong password tips are:

default login and password


  • Choose a complex and difficult password for your Tenda that only you can remember, which consists of special characters, numbers, Greek, and Latin.
  • Protect it using several measures
  • Usability also needs to be checked.

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How To Change The Tenda Mesh3f Ac10’s Default wifi Name (SSID) And Password, As Well As Enable Network Encryption?

Once you have logged into the router, in the future, you can also change tenda ac10 mesh3f default wifi name and wifi password and thereby again enable the network encryption facility. Follow the steps to attain a tenda wifi login:

wifi settings


  1. Search for Network Name (SSID), your Tenda Mesh3f Ac10 Router’s wifi name. Make use of some creative wifi naming patterns. SSIDs should not contain sensitive or personal information like your name, home address, or other details.setup wifi name
  2. After entering the network name, you must turn on WPA2-PSK encryption on your Tenda Mesh3f Ac10 router. That is the most secure encryption standard for private networks.
  3. When prompted to connect to the password to your home wifi, type the WPA Pre-Shared Key. Do not reuse your Tenda Mesh3f Ac10 router login password. And keep it between 16 and 20 characters long.
  4. Successfully the tenda wifi router login is completed.

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How To Factory Reset And Log In To The Tenda Mesh3f Ac10 Router?

In the Tenda Ac10 router, you can reset it completely to factory default and log into it with different credentials. Therefore, first, one has to reset the router, and only one can log into it. Follow the steps to learn how to reset the Tenda router.

Many routers include a small hole and a reset button. To reset the Tenda Mesh3f Ac10 router, follow the steps:

factory reset

  1. On the Tenda Mesh3f Ac10 router, turn it on.
  2. Locate the reset button.
  3. Using a paperclip pin or something similar to it to put it into the tiny hole, use, and press and hold the “Factory reset” button for about 15 seconds. (till you see every light flashing)
  4. Rebooting the Tenda Mesh3f Ac10 router is automatic. The gadget is now ready for use after being reset. To get started, go to Step 1 of this guide.
  5. Log in again using the instructions outlined above.

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What to do if I cannot access the internet even after following the steps?

In such cases, you should contact that company's customer service, as they are available 24x7, so once you call on the toll-free number provided, they will register your complaint and send the technician within the next 24 hours of registering the complaint.

Should I buy this router online or go to the store?

Electrical products are always suggested to be bought from the store, as online products don’t always provide a guarantee or warranty. So at a later stage, when a problem arises, products brought online usually create havo

What is the maximum speed it can handle?

It can handle upto 1gbps speed, providing high-resolution video and audio downloads.

Does its wifi works on smart TVs?

Yes. Tenda Ac10 router’s wifi works on all kinds of smart TVs and gadgets. You need to connect it with the password and the login ID set on each device you connect to.

How many maximum devices can be connected to it?

It can connect a maximum of upto 32 devices, where each device needs to be fed with the login id and password at least once before you connect to it for the first time.

In future cases, what to do if some issue occurs with the internet or the router?

In that case, you can register your complaint on the complaint number, and within 24 hours, a technician will visit your place and resolve your issue for free.


When one buys a router, a technician comes to your house and sets it up. Instead, if you use a Tenda Ac10 router, you can set it up by yourself, log into it, and access the internet by following the above-provided steps. This router provides you with the best easy ways and is one of the routers available in the market that provides easy setup and login facility to the user without the technician’s help.

Hence, we hope this article has served you with the purpose of either logging into the router, resetting and logging it again, or how to set passwords for your router to keep it secure.

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