Let me ask you this. What is the most annoying thing after a cold, tiring day? For me, it is when I am ready to fall asleep, but I don’t want to get up to turn off the television. Or to turn off that one little annoying bulb that keeps glaring at you, or adjusting the thermostat. In this article, we will talk about the home automation ideas to make your home smarter.

But how the idea of home automation would help us?

Automation is the process of making something happen on its own, without any human interference. It requires bare minimum human effort, just as much is needed to set up the automation devices.

home automation ideas
home automation ideas

So, all the things which you are too lazy, too tired or too forgetful to do, the automation devices will automate for you.

Imagine how convenient these smart hacks can make your lives. There are several home automation ideas, the brightest of these, I’ve listed below:

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The 7 Smartest Home Automation Ideas | Ingenious at work

I can’t even begin to think about how someone came up with these home automation ideas. Don’t believe me? Let me tell you what I’m talking about.

Time Alert

Let us face it. Most of us are usually running late for the office in the morning. There are so many errands to run and things to do that we lose track of time, which makes things even worse. It is where this home automation idea comes into play.

It alerts you when you are set to leave. For instance, if you have to leave your home at 10, it will alert you with a voice message. It will inform you that you should leave in 5 minutes. Cool, right?

Waking Up Gently 

It is one such home automation ideas, which you don’t find everywhere. What happens is this, you set a time range. And when the time comes, your bed-side light gets turned on. Warm at first, it gets brighter and brighter until it reaches its full strength to wake you up.

Alternatively, you can also have Alexa, wish you in the morning along with that, and give you updates.

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Trash Reminder 

This one home automation idea/hack is significant from cleanliness. With our busy schedules, with hardly any time to think or breathe, it’s hard to remember things. So this one reminds us when its time to take out the trash.

Lights and Sensors 

Then it comes to smart home automation ideas that deal with indoor lightings and sensor detection. There is this one that’ll feel and sense the surroundings to judge any movements. If it detects some change, then it will adjust the lights and fan.

On the other hand, if it can judge no movement for a specified period, it turns the lights off.

Then there is another home automation idea in this line, which adjusts the lighting as the day goes by. That means as it gets darker, the light gets dimmer, which calms us down and thus inducing sleep.

Another variant is the sensors that work between the time intervals you mention. For example, if the kids try to move out when they’re supposed to be asleep, the light is turned out. Thus, alerting you. That’s everyday genius.

Blocking Internet

It can be inconvenient to turn off the WiFi when there’s exam fever going on. So you can instead use this one home automation idea to get over the trouble. It just asks you to set up a period when you want the internet, not working.

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Once you save the changes, you won’t ever have to switch off the WiFi or plug out the cables.

Lights Under Your Feet 

It is NOT a metaphor, but an actual home automation idea. What happens when we get up at night, to drink some water or to use the bathroom, and can’t see anything. We fall or hit something, which can cause serious injuries.

This hack can act as a remedy to the problem I just mentioned. So you have to install LED lights under your bed as well as keep motion sensors with you. The sensors, when sense you getting up, turn the lights out.

Similarly, they turn them off when the judgment of no action taking place.

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Apart from the ones mentioned above, some home automation ideas can’t be categorized, so I’m just going to say them right here.

  • It alerts you whenever your clothes dry to the temperature you set. You can take them out or repeat the process if you are not satisfied.
  • The hacks related to home security when they sense a leak of any sort, or they notify you when you’ve left a door open. Also, it provides you with live coverage of your home so that you can overlook the situation until you get there.


We’ve reached the end of the article. These were some home automation ideas for you to have intelligent life. There are all sorts of ideas available out there if you’re willing to experiment.

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