If you looking for a complete guide on the Digicom router login process, then you are in the right place. IP Address of the Router, username, and password plays a crucial role during the login process of the digicom router. Check out how to fix Zhone Router Login. digicom router In Digicom router login, the username and password used during the login process is admin, and to go to the login page, the IP address used is

We will take a glimpse of the detailed login process and the various aspects related to it. We will also buckle down to the various troubleshooting issues of digicom router login.

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How To Conduct A Digicom Router Login?

To help you to reach the digicom router setup, we have listed several straightforward steps. Hence after implementing this, you will effortlessly clear the login process.

  1. Go to chrome and search for (this is the default address) reset password digicom
  2. After going to this page, you will see two address bars here; you have to fill in the username and password of the digicom router. Enter the username and password as admin.
  3. After doing all these steps, hit the login button.

Features Of Digicom Router

  •  Digicom router ensures, to give, high data speed of 300 Mbps this connection, works well to achieve high downloading speed, internet calling and also helps to stream high-quality videos. 

digicom wireless router

  • It supports several WAN connections such as; DHCP, Static IP, PPPoE, L2TP, PPTP, Dual Access, and WISP. 
  • It facilitates to give better Wi-Fi connections by taking support of 2 high-gain antennas.
  • This router has created demand in the market by supporting multi-language support and property of its installation without any hindrance. 
  • It supports dual operation modes such as Router and Bridge. 
  • It supports various wireless modes, such as AP, Repeater, AP+WDS, WDS, and Client.
  • Gives support of 1 year. Talking about the structure; of the router, it has 1 WAN Port and 4 LAN Port. It contains various wireless modes like AP, Repeater, AP+WDS, WDS, and Client. 
  • It supports various access points, of the internet, such as IP filtering, MAC Filtering, and Domain Filtering based, depending on the time. Read how to Block Someone Using Your WiFi!

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What Are The Troubleshooting Issues During Digicom Login?

If you are trying to troubleshoot the process of Digicom router in that case, login and follow along these steps to troubleshoot If you are not able to work with as an IP address, then you can also try some other digicom IP address; 


See the full guide for IP Address Admin Login. You can also try to find; your digicom router IP address at the bottom or backside of the router. If you are not able to work with the admin as username and password, then no need to worry you can also attempt to work with a different username and password; 

Username  Password
admin admin
admin 1234
admin password
root root
admin Michelangelo

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Reset The Password And Username Of Digicom Router

During Digicom login If you are not able to work with any username and password so you can smoothly reset the username and password of the digicom router. Follow these steps to reset the password and username of the digicom router; 

  1. You have to directly reset the modem. For resetting the modem, hold the button of the router situated on the back side of the router. 
  2. Hold this button for 20 seconds, then, spontaneously, this will reset all the factory settings of the digicom router. Don’t panic about this; and it will take a few minutes to reset all the settings. 
  3. Your internet connection will be disconnected during the process. So you have to reconnect all the devices.

Change The Wi-Fi Password Of The Router

For security reasons, it is better to change the Wi-Fi password of the router. If you want to change the Wi-Fi password of the digicom router after the login and then follow these techniques; 

  1. First off complete the digicom router login following above steps, then log in using / is the default IP address of the router)

digicom router

  1. Now two address boxes will appear, and write admin as username and password.
  2. Now hunt for the wireless settings option, and click on wireless security.
  3. After going to wireless security, click WPA/WPA2, and then proceed with the personal option in this settings. Click on the password. 
  4. In the password option, write the desired password. 
  5. After doing all these steps, hit the save bar. 

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How To Set Up The Digicom Wireless Router? 

Follow these steps to set up the Digicom Wireless router after the login; 

  1. Firstly, proceed by searching for 
  2. As discussed, two boxes will appear. To complete Digicom Router Login, type in admin as username and password. 
  3. Digicom router setup page will appear on your screen search for the Network option, and after that, click on WAN. 
  4. In the Default selection option, select the Auto option. 
  5. From the different options, select the Current ATM VC Table.
  6. Select these options VPI-8,VCI-81,Encapsulation-LLC,Channel Mode-PPPoE, Enable NAPTEnable IGMP
  7. After doing all these processes, fill in the username and password again. 
  8. Write continuously, then hit the modify button and again tap the Select Current ATM VC Table.
  9. After following this path carefully, then hit the save bar.

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How to Get Access to the Digicom Router?

Do these techniques to get access to the Digicom router; Search for the IP address as 192.168. 1.254. After searching for this IP address, two text boxes will appear. Fill in the username and password in the boxes. Write username and password as admin. Follow these steps and achieve the required setup. Then you will be able to get access to the Digicom router.

How To Get Into the Wi-Fi Router?

You have complete digicom router login through firmware, and after that in the address box, type your router IP address. You can also prefer 192.168. 1.1, this IP address. If you don't know about your router's IP address and you are unable to get access through the default IP address, then we have listed several other router IP addresses in the context.

What Are the Steps of Using a Secondary Router?

Follow these steps to connect secondary router; Firstly, the first router link internet or WAN port to the modem. In the second router, hook a different port with the backside of the first router. Despite trying these steps. If you are not able to connect with a secondary router, then do a factory reset.

I Want to do a Digicom Router Login, then Which Password Should I use?

If you want to do a router login, subsequently use username and password as admin.

If One Connects One Router to Another One, What is the Consequence of it?

One of the LAN ports should be connected to the LAN port on your router; instead of the WAN port, which your router likely possesses. As of right present, everything connected to the router will request an IP address through DHCP. The ISP router sees and replies to DHCP queries when the router's DHCP is disabled, and the LAN port is connected.

What are Different Router IP Addresses?

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In concluding the article, we have seen the digicom router login, following the mentioned steps follow in a stepwise format. If you are stuck with the username and password during digicom router login as admin, and furthermore you can also use a different username and password that we have listed in the context. After trying all these usernames and passwords still, you are stuck in digicom router login, then read the manual of your router, or else take the assistance of experts. We have also discussed troubleshooting issues, so by taking reference of it, you can solve what you’ve come into question with the login process. 

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