Internet brings you closer to connectivity; connecting with your friends or family or joining a meeting facilitates everything. The arris tm3402 is one product that pulls strings of better connectivity by giving a better Wi-Fi connection. You need to log in to the product during the modem’s setup, but many clients need help logging in to the modem. This article will explain the top methods for logging into the tm3402 arris modem after considering all the login process methods.

arris tm3402

During the arris tm3402a login, IP address, username, and password play a vital role. If you find it difficult to locate them, you can use the default IP address, username, and password as admin and password. 

In the article, you can glance at the elaborate steps of logging in to the arris modem. You can also unravel the various problems that have been faced by many of the users while logging in and get the solutions of it by reading the article. Also, click here how to login to Arris Router.

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How To Log In To The Arris TM3402?

You must first log in to the arris modem’s internet before you can activate the services and link your devices to the Wi-Fi to use the internet. Firstly, let’s discuss the steps of login;

  1. To initiate the process, turn on the PC and process ahead with any browser like chrome, safari, edge, or Opera, then search for for
  2. After finding this IP address, you will direct to the modem’s login page, where you will see two text fields where you must input the username and password. These details you will be able to find these on the back of the modem or else on the arris tm3402 manual. 
  3. If you cannot find the username and password, try to use the default username and password as admin and password, then hit the login button.arris login details
  4. Despite logging in on this website, you can also change the settings and click on various links to view security, modem status, and other settings and information about your modem. Read this article for IP Address Login Admin.

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Troubleshooting The Issues Related To The Login Of Arris TM3402 Manual 

During the login process, many users face difficulties. Considering all such issues, this context will showcase some of the major problems of login to the modem and their effective solutions. Here, You can glimpse the various IP addresses, usernames, and passwords, which will help you solve your login issue easily. 

While login into the tm3402 arris, if you are not able to work with the default IP address, then try with these IPs;

During login to the arris tm3402, If you are not able to work with the default username and password. Then try with these usernames and passwords;

admin password
(blank)printed on router
admin admin
admin 1234
admin Motorola
(blank) admin
n/a n/a
(blank) (printed on the label)
arris arris

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How To Reset The Arris Modem? 

After trying different IP addresses, usernames, and passwords, reset the modem. The easiest steps to reset the arris modem are;

  1. Firstly, find the power cable on the back of the modem, unplug it for at least 15 seconds, and connect it again.  power cable on the back of the modem
  2. After plugging in the power cord with the modem, the light flashes up in a solid blue light; this indicates that the modem has good internet connectivity. 
  3. If the modem doesn’t light up to blue, try to restart the modem again. Want to learn IBall Router Login? Read This.

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Another Way To Reset The Arris TM3402 Modem Is By Using The Sparklight Phone Service

  1. Firstly find out the magical button of the arris modem is a recessed reset button. Hold this button for at least ten seconds, and then the modem will spontaneously reset to factory defaultpress the power off button
  2. Turning off the lights of the arris modem will be a good sign, as the modem is processing the factory default settings, and soon you will glance at the reset modem. 
  3. After your arris model tm3402a flashes to the blue light, your modem will restore the settings. 

Quickly Reset The Arris Modem Using The Router Web Interface

  1. First, power your PC, open the web browser, search for, and log in to the arris router or modem.
  2. After logging in to the arris modem, hunt for the Security or Utilities section, and from it, click on the factory reset settings
  3. After a few minutes, your modem will reset to factory default

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What To Do To Increase The Device’s Internet Speed With The Help Of A Modem? 

It is best to check for firmware updates if you wish to enhance internet speed and use the modem’s new capabilities. If your modem needs firmware updates, then it is better to do that so that you can access new features of the modem. First, let’s check whether your modem needs a firmware update or not;

  1. Turn on your PC and then search for  search for
  2. After searching for this IP address, you will be prompted to the login page of the arris modem and then log in using your arris modem’s username and password
  3. After entering the arris modem’s page, go to the settings and hunt for the advanced settings. 
  4. Select the firmware version after the advanced settings option. You can check your firmware version here to see if it has been updated to the most recent version; if not, click the firmware update button to get the new version. Also, Read this article how to setup unifi guest network.

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Is Arris tm3402 considered a router or modem?

Users are looking for gigabit high-speed data and telephony services in one device so that they can use the Touchstone TM3402 DOCSIS 3.1 home telephony modem.

How are Arris routers?

Arris routers are preferable as they provide high internet connectivity and the best features. Compared to other brands, arris is a more reliable and trusted brand.

What is the significance of Arris Touchstone?

The arris touchstone furnishes primary line Voice over IP and high-speed data connection. It provides multiple battery pack options to help the telephony network during power shortages.

Which is the most trusted brand, Arris or Netgear?

Arris and Netgear are both great brands that most users trust. But when it comes to choosing one brand over other then, it would be best if you choose Netgear rather than arris.

Do outdated modems provide a better internet connection?

That's a severe problem for many users who still depend on old modems. The old modem doesn't provide better features, and its slow internet connection is a hassle, which becomes problematic for many users as they cannot work with such internet speeds.

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In the write-up, you can glance at the easiest login steps to the arris tm3402. You must log in using the default username and password. Considering you cannot locate these credentials, attempt with some of the usernames and passwords showcased in the context. Many arris modem users find it difficult to log in due to many interventions in between the process. So the write-up has tried to solve all of them so you can easily log in. Also, click here for Admin Login, Username & Password.

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