The internet has become one of the most important things in our lives as an when we are developing. Over the years, the dependency on the internet has continued to rise. Especially after the pandemic, the rise of the usage of the internet has been evident.

To cope with boredom people have started watching online web series. On the other hand, to continue to earn money, businesses and schools have taken measures that have forced them to switch to e-mode. Who knew that there would be something like online payments too? Even that is something that exists and contributes to the use of the internet.

Mobile data connections and WiFI connections have become the oxygen for people today. WiFi connections are considered to be more stable than mobile data connections. One of the router companies that have been sold on the rise is the Billion router. To know which type of router you own, you might want to see the body of the router. The model name and brand will be mentioned there. To know how to log in to the Mobily router, click here.

Owning a router is just not it. You should possess some knowledge about the basic things that are involved too. For instance, you might want to know how to log into your router.

In this article, you will get an insight into how to perform the Billion router login,

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How To Perform The Billion Router Login

The process is pretty simple if you just follow the steps properly.

The first thing that you need to do is enter the Billion router login credentials that have been given by your technician at the time of installation. You must have written it down somewhere. If that is not something that you remember doing, you can use the default credential combination in this table. To find or know for sure what is the IP address of your router, click here.


Username Password
admin password
(blank) (blank)
(blank) admin
support support
admin admin
admim admim
admim password


The Billion router default IP is Once you type this in the address bar, you will see a place to enter the credentials.

Billion Router Login
Billion Router Login

That is where you enter either of the combinations.

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What To Do If The Billion Router Default Password Does Not Work

It is not something to worry about if you are not able to get into the router’s settings. There are still a lot of ways that can help you to get into the router. Remember that in the cases below, the Billion modem IP is still going to be

You can spend some time in looking for the credentials in the manual of the WiFi router. There is a chance that you might get this after you spend enough time looking for it. It takes a little effort, but, it will be one of the ways that can help you obtain the credentials.

Check the official website of the Billion router. You might get the Billion router login username and password on the site. And of course, there, you can also confirm the Billion router IP.

Moving forward, you can check the body of the router for any type of official sticker that has been put by the company. This will have your credentials present there in a printed form probably

If nothing works out for you, you might want to perform the reset of your Billion router. When you do so, you need to understand that your router will be brought to factory settings. In order to proceed, first look for a small button that is at the back of your router.

Reset Router
Reset Router

The button will be so small that you cannot press it with your finger and you will require some object to press the button. Perhaps, you can use a paperclip or the back of a toothpick. Basically, any object that is not sharp in the end. So, once you decide that, you can hold-press the button of the router. The lights will then turn off and until they turn back on, you will have to wait. One they do, you can be confident that you have reset the router.

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It is now clear as to how should you go about the Billon router login. There is not too much technical expertise required from your end. All you need to do is that you need to follow the steps in the given manner. Make sure that you take time to understand the steps first. This is extremely vital so that you do not miss out on any step or else you will have to do the process all over again. Furthermore, you need to make sure that you do not unnecessarily panic when you are not able to log in. Give it some time and try the Billion router modem login again. 

You should not directly jump onto resetting your router when you start facing problems. This is what most people always do and then land up making mistakes. Double check if you have entered the default credentials properly. Then, check whether or not you have checked the body of the modem or the website where the credentials might exist. Once you see that it is not helping you, you can then proceed to the reset of the modem.

When you are in the transit of reset, it is extremely important that you take assistance from an expert. This is because if you perform the reset in the wrong way, you might have to be responsible for a more immense damage. You will then be liable to pay more than the cost you had to pay to the technician.

So, always first get to know the model number and the exact type of your router. Only then there is a point for you to proceed further and learn further details.

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