Due to their role in enabling internet access, routers are necessary for every person in the digital age. Therefore, the configuration of a router and logging in are done. Hence, all router users have access to instructions for quick login. Some routers with the IP address are worthwhile purchases.

To provide users with the best high-speed Internet at reasonable prices, this article offers a variety of solutions, including instructions on how the IP address functions, how to configure and log in to the router using this address, and how to change the password and ID after factory reset. You need to consult the instructions based on the problem. You can do so.

Give this article a read to learn how to set up the router with 192.168 1.143 easily. 

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A local, private, or gateway IP address like is one of the IP addresses. Networked computer devices will send data requests to the router at its IP address, As it permits a maximum of 32 devices to connect to it, you do not need to switch signals from each device. The optimal signal and band selected for your devices by modern technologies.

ip address

Thanks to wifi fast roaming, you can move around your house without worrying about signal loss or buffering. With the router’s wifi app, you can easily set up your wifi, create guest wifi to protect the privacy of your network, keep track of who connects it to itself and regulate the priority of their access, arrange a time for your kids’ online activities, and more.

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How Do I Use To Log Into My Router?

A router is almInternetys there if you use the Internet at home. Your basic wifi network is now operational when the router automatically joins. Your wifi network may not require configuration with a password or may not be suitable for your needs.


To change your wifi network, you must log into your router using the IP address Knowing how to get to the router’s administration page in case modifications requirement is always helpful, and doing so is simpler than you may believe.

Every router has a simple login process. To install the router, one only needs to adhere to the few procedures listed below:

  1. It would be best if you still had a computer that can connect to the internet though having a router would help. You can use a computer, laptop, or smartphone


2. The next step is to attach your computer to your router. Either by a wired or wireless ethernet connection.

connecting devices

3. Open your preferred web browser while your machine links to your router. 

web browsers

4. To obtain your IP address, open your browser and type into the search bar.search

5. To reach the login portion of your router’s admin page, type into your browser’s address bar. loginThe pertinent information will direct you to the menu on your router’s admin page.

Procedure To Change Local IP Address From

Your router’s actual local IP address is another router setting that is frequently modified. The details of your router’s two IP addresses are provided below.

local ip

You will need your new IP address if you change it from to access your router’s admin page.

  1. Once more, gain access to the router’s management page.
  2. Search for the main page’s general settings menu or an adjacent item.
  3. The following choice is “Network settings.”
  4. You must utilize this menu to access the “Router Settings” area. Your IP address must be entered in this form.
  5. Keep your modifications

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The Best Way To Modify The Default Login And Password

Given that security is such a crucial component of today’s lives, the router also offers security checks on its router. Since network security is critical, it is the first and most crucial task to change the router’s default login and password to something more private and secure. These are a few points for selecting strong passwords:


  • Select a password for your router that is tough to remember and contains unusual characters, numbers, Greek, and Latin.
  • Protect it by taking many precautions
  • Additionally, usability must be examined.

How to Use To Factory Reset And Log Into The Router

Any router can be entirely reset to factory settings and logged into using alternative credentials. As a result, the router must first be rebooted, and only one person can log in. Follow these instructions to reset the router:

  1. Switch on the router.
  2. Search for the reset button. A reset button and a tiny hole are common features of routers.router button
  3. To reset the device’s factory settings, press and hold the “Factory Reset” button for around 15 seconds using a paperclip pin or anything similar that fits inside the button’s tiny hole. (till every light is flashing).hold
  4. The device has been reset and is now available for usage. The router automatically reboots. Go to Step 1 of this guide to get started.
  5. Use the above methods to log in once more.

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What should I do if, despite taking the instructions, I am still unable to access the internet?

In these circumstances, you should speak with that company's customer care about the router because they are available around the clock. Once your phone the toll-free number provided, they will log your complaint and send the technician within 24 hours of logging it.

Should I purchase the router offline or online?

Electrical equipment should always be purchased from a physical retailer because a guarantee or warranty does not always cover online purchases. Therefore, things that are made available online frequently cause trouble down the road when a problem emerges.

How fast can it go at its maximum speed?

It offers high-resolution video and music downloads of up to 1 Gbps.

Are smart TVs compatible with this IP address router's wifi?

Yes. The wifi from every router is compatible with various smart TVs and devices. You must connect it using the login ID and password pre-set on each device you connect to.

How many devices can connect to it at once?

It can connect up to 32 devices at once, but before you can connect to one for the first time, you must feed each one with the login ID and password at least once.

What should I do if an internet or router problem arises in the future?

In that situation, you can file a complaint using the complaint number, and a technician will come to your location and take care of the problem for free within 24 hours.


By using any router and entering this IP address into your browser, you can configure it, log in, and access the interInternetollowing the instructions above. The router with this IP address offers you the easiest methods to configure it. This IP address enables simple setup and login for the user without the assistance of a technician because this IP address is a public one that anybody can access.

We thus hope that this guide has helped you log into your router, reset it, and log in again or learn how to set passwords for your router using the IP address.

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