The internet has now taken over every aspect of the world. The condition is such that it is next to impossible to live without the internet. Everything, be it businesses, schools, or colleges, has switched to the e-mode to function. Internet is used in every aspect, even for fixing your Air OS router login you have come online.

Accordingly, people had to change the way to access the internet. They had to take up private mobile data packs of a higher GB per day or invest in different types of WiFi routers. Most people preferred buying the routers because they provided a more stable connection. One of the router types that exist is the Air OS router.

air os router
Air OS router

You first need to know what is AirOS before proceeding with Air OS router login. With the router that has as its default IP address, you can easily establish that you have an Air OS router. This router is one of the best products of Ubiquiti that has hit the market.

The basic thing that first needs to be noted down is that you should know how to perform the Air OS router login. Without this, there is nothing that you can do. This article will outline the techniques of how to do the Air router login. Make sure that you read the article thoroughly before proceeding to the login directly.

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How To Perform The Air OS Router Login Easily

You must first type the default IP address in the address bar as This IP address will be common no matter what username or password you have to enter. Next, you should enter the credentials your technician gave you at the time of installation. If you do not find anything, you can try the default username and password from the table below.

Username Password
(blank) (blank)
ubnt ubnt
admin admin

Since there are only three combinations, it will not take long for you to try the Air OS router login. If you do not find any of these helpful enough for you, you can read on and understand how to go about it.

air os router login
Air OS router login

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What To Do If The Air OS Default Password Does Not Work?

The first thing is that you note that there are ways to help you go about the login even when the list of default passwords does not work.

Method 1

First, you can look for the credentials on the body of the router. Second, look at the sides of the router’s body. There is a possibility that you will get the Air OS router login username and password there.

Method 2

The next is to test whether the credentials exist on the website of the router. Some companies do mention the username and password on their sites. Make sure that you cross-check if that exists.

Method 3

You can also choose to read the manual to find the Air OS default login credentials. This manual reading might sound a little tedious and boring, but you should try doing this too. You mustn’t leave any stones untouched.

Method 4

The ultimate method will be to reset the router if nothing helps you out. This method should only be done when in no place you can find the username and password. What you need to do is that you should look for a small button on the body of your Air OS router.

air os reset
Air OS reset

The button might be at the back of your router, and it will be very small. It will be impossible for you to press the button using your fingers. You will require an external object to press the button. Be very diligent when choosing the object – make sure that it is not very pointy. You can use the back of a toothpick or paperclip. As soon as that is chosen, you have to hold the button pressed. Do this until the lights of the router go off and turn back on. Once they do so, you can conclude that you have officially reset your Air OS router login. Try using the default username and password. It should work because your router is back to factory settings. 


You now know how to perform the router login in an extremely simple manner. All you need to do and ensure is that you should follow the steps in the order they have been mentioned. Do not directly jump to resetting your router if you cannot log into it. You must first try to use the default password and username option to try the Air OS router login. After that, you can then go to the website and read the manual after checking the router’s body. If you still do not find any way to log into the router, you might want to do the router’s reset.

One important thing for you to note that if you want to do the Air OS login using the reset method, the reset needs to be done by a technician. It is so that you do not encounter any problems when you are doing so. There is a chance that you might cause some irreparable damage if you take matters into your own hands. Therefore, it is better to pay your technician a little and avoid such an issue to occur.

That was all about Air OS router login. If you want to get a more clear idea about the router logging in process, check out our other articles. Etisalat, Belkin, and Billion router are our other best router login articles that can help you better.

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