If you have purchased a new iPhone and you are facing difficulty shifting your essentials to the new iPhone device from the old iPhone. Then here, we will give you access to all the ways you can transfer all your vital things. These crucial things can be the most significant passwords that one can easily forget; we will look at the best answer to the query of how to transfer passwords to a new iPhonetransfer passwords These methods to transfer passwords to the new iPhone are; resettle with the help of iCloud and iCloud Keychain, Airdrop, and using an app like Mobile trans and AnyTrans. We will also uncover various techniques to transfer Passwords to new iPhone devices like iPhone 13/12.  We will take a glimpse of each step and make your process uncomplicated and discuss several troubleshooting issues of transferring passwords in iPhone13.  See Also: Admin Login, User, Password & IP

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How To Transfer Passwords To The New iPhone? 

Here we will look at each possible way to transfer passwords to the new iPhone. Let’s explore these methods with elementary steps; 


Bluetooth pairing was the best and painless method to transfer media on Android devices. Unlike iOS, Airdrop is the best solution to share media and passwords to new iPhone devices. In this process, the two devices should be within reach.  The steps to transfer passwords using the Airdrop method are;

  1. Open Airdrop, activate Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and allow access to Airdrop on an old iPhone. Move to the settings app and search for Passwords & Accounts in this section; proceed with Website & App passwords.
  2. airdrop2. In Websites & App passwords, select the password, and hold this password until the Aircloud option doesn’t appear.  passwords and accounts
  3. Click to Airdrop option and specify the preferred device. From the new iPhone, accept the permission to give access for sharing from the old iPhone. 

iCloud Keychain

 iCloud Keychain is the best way to transfer passwords to the new iPhone 13; this method also keeps your passwords secured. Follow these steps to transmit the password effortlessly;

  1. Have a good internet connection in your old phone, and now move to the settings app. icloud
  2. Click on the profile picture; the iCloud option will be visible click on it, and then proceed with the keychain option. In this, write all preferred passwords that you want to share.
  3. In the new iPhone, log in to the Keychain, and you can take a glimpse of all passwords in your new iPhone. Login to the Keychain using the same steps as in the old iPhone.

iTunes Backup

iTunes Backup is the best solution for transferring passwords to a new iPhone, as this method also helps to transfer all data with security. Follow these steps to use iTunes efficiently to transfer the password;

  1. Firstly use USB to link your iPhone and computer; now, operate iTunes on your computer. itunes
  2. In iTunes, hunt for your iPhone, tick the checkbox of Encrypt Local Backup and carry on the process with the backup now option.
  3. Now unplug the old iPhone, and connect the new iPhone. restore backup
  4. After connecting new iPhone, tap the iPhone icon on iTunes, and proceed with the restore Backup option.
  5. iTunes will also help you to restore photos and videos along with the password in your new iPhone. So you don’t need to transfer other media separately because, at once, the old iPhone’s data will be restored in your new iPhone.

Different Apps To Transfer Passwords In Your New iPhone

Several apps will efficiently solve your problem of how to transfer passwords to a new iPhone. The apps which help to share passwords include MobileTrans and AnyTrans. How is the AnyTrans app? Do you want to know the AnyTrans review, then read this article. We will give light to the steps to operate while sharing the password. Follow these steps to transfer passwords using the MobileTrans and AnyTrans tools; 

  1. Firstly install MobileTrans on your computer and proceed with launching MobileTrans on your preferred device. mobitrans
  2. Go to the MobileTrans app in the old iPhone and select the Phone to Phone transfer option.
  3. USB cable is preferred to connect the new iPhone to the old iPhone. The connection between two iPhones will happen after a brief delay.
  4. Press the start button after choosing the preferred data to transmit. You may easily transfer various data kinds with the aid of these tools. 

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Troubleshooting Issues Of Transfer Passwords To The New iPhone 13 

There are several issues one can face while transmitting a password to iPhone13. We will guide you in resolving these issues and get an effective solution. By following these tactics, you can troubleshoot the matter in question of transferring the password to the iPhone 13.

  • Firstly check with both the devices that they have the iOS 11 or the latest version, and make sure to turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in both the devices. bluetooth and wifi
  • After transferring the password, it may happen that Safari doesn’t save these passwords. So in this scenario, proceed with the settings option in iPhone 13, and in the settings app, search for passwords, and the account option here gives access to autofill the password.
  • Verify that the Private browsing function is not active in your Safari.

How To Get Passwords On iPhones?

You might be facing difficulty locating the passwords in your iPhone here; we will discuss simple steps to help you find the password on your device. Just follow these steps to find your passwords;

  1. Proceed with the settings app, and click on Passwords & Accounts passwords and accounts
  2. In the Passwords & Accounts section, click on Website & App Passwords.
  3. To see the password, enter the passcode and take a glimpse preferred website’s password.


Saved passwords can be shared to the new iPhones by using which methods?

We have discussed steps in the context of; how to transfer passwords to the new iPhone. You can use several methods for transferring passwords to the new iPhone. These methods include transfer using iCloud Keychain, Airdrop, iTunes, and several apps like MobileTrans, and AnyTrans.

Does iPhone have a backup of passwords?

iPhone has a backup of passwords. Still, in that, you can't view Keychain passwords.

Do I have a backup of passwords in iCloud?

Yes, you have a backup of all your passwords, search history, and favorite collection in your iCloud Keychain.

In the backup of the iPhone, which data types are available?

In the backup of your iPhone, you can view all kinds of data, from photos to important emails. This data is stored in iTunes and iCloud apps of iPhone.


Summing up the write-up, we had seen several solutions to the query of how to transfer passwords to the new iPhone. Follow these steps for sharing the password from old to new iPhone. If you’re dealing with additional devices like Wiz lights, ensure to reconnect them to the new WiFi network.

As I have noted, apps like MobileTrans and AnyTrans will help you transmit the password and share all the media. We had seen several ways to troubleshoot the issue of transferring passwords to the new iPhone 13. In a word, follow all these troubleshooting techniques and steps to transfer passwords effortlessly.

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