So, today, we have something in store for the PS3 buffs(mostly). Or anyone who faces the problem can benefit from today’s article. It’s going to be about the DNS error 80710102, which, by the way, is most prevalent when you’re using a PS3.

While surfing the other day, I realized how many people are struggling with DNS error 80710102. So, here I am, with a detailed guide, discussing everything about it.

But before I start to tell you about the DNS error 80710102, You need to be very clear about what DNS is. Hence, that is what we’ll be discussing first.

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Overview: Domain Name System

So, we all know that the computer recognizes IP addresses. But it is pronounced that they’re hard to keep in mind. So, earlier when the problem surfaced, the IT minds of those times thought of a fantastic way.

They thought of converting the IPs into standard English. That came to be known as Domain names. So what happened was when someone typed something in standard English, it then converts to IPs. They named the process as Domain name system.

It is masking of domain names to IP addresses. It becomes essential that you understand the concept if you want to learn about the DNS error 80710102.

Domain Name System

What is DNS ERROR 80710102?

Note that, when you face the DNS error 80710102, you cannot access the internet. That is because the error indicates that the router is not able to grant your router’s request for an IP. As you have no IP address, you cannot access the internet.

So, you cannot get into your PS3 account and go on playing the games. Another prevalent scenario, when you face the DNS error 80710102, the conversion is not possible.

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DNS ERROR 80710102

More often than not, DNS error 80710102 has no relation, whatsoever, to DNS(contrary to what you might have thought).

Also, errors like it, according to their nature, are represented as a combination of numbers. Furthermore, if you remember, which number represents which error, it can aid you in determining its character.

The Causes of DNS ERROR 80710102

PlayStation is something everyone wants to get their hands on. Maybe due to the selection of games or the illusion of reality or technical superiority. Being a gaming facility of that stature, it is still widely prone to errors like the DNS error 80710102.

The reason why the error occurs is mostly connectivity issues. The DNS error 80710102 occurs because the router can’t seem to deal with your IP. You can accredit the factors like the inaccurate network settings, to name one.

The most frequent condition for the occurrence of the error is when you’re using a Wifi. The reason is that you have to type in the settings with a wireless connection, which is not the case with its counterpart.

Causes of Error

How to Resolve DNS ERROR 80710102

Now that we’ve discussed some basics let me take you forward and see how we can get rid of it. I’m going to explain a straightforward way to do it. Once done resolving the DNS error 80710102, your internet will go back to being normal. You can log into your PlayStation account and can go back to your games.

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We’ll be needing a couple of basic things to accomplish it:

  • IP address
  • Web browser

Here are some steps, which can take you through the procedure:

  • The first and foremost step in trying to resolve the DNS error 80710102 issue is, Fire up your web browser. Then, open a new window, scroll up to its address bar. Its where you mostly do your searches.


  • Type your IP here, for instance, That is just for the sake of example. You have to type in your IP. don’t know what it is? Not to worry.

There is a small space adjoining the windows icon at the bottom left of your screen—type “cmd” or “run” in there. A black screen opens if you click the option that becomes visible when typing the command. Next, what you’ll do in trying to fix the DNS error 80710102, is organizing the “ipconfig” command.

A bunch of different numbers will appear. Among them, jot down the Default gateway. Then type it in the address bar, as I explained—press enter.


  • The next step in fixing the DNS error 80710102 is to fill in your credentials in the form that opens. If all goes as we anticipated, you’ll get access to settings in your router’s portal.

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Which Settings to Alter?

Once you’re in, its safe to say that you’ve reached the final steps of fixing the DNS error 80710102, now, you have to make certain alterations. Find out the tab labeled “password.” It is the password settings of the router. Under that, keep a lookout for “Universal Plug and Play” sets. If you pay attention, you’re looking for UPnP, which is its short and settings

Once you’re able to locate it, turn it off, and save the changes. The router will keep and apply these changes when you turn it off and on again.


Why does the error occur in DNS?

DNS errors are primarily due to faulty connections. Switching the cables, as well as checking the correct insertion points, are very important.

What is the DNS error on PS3?

DNS error is a type of error that shows 80710102 error on the webpage. The error occurs when you play games or when there is some problem with router connection.

How can I solve the DNS problem?

The go-to method that you can do is to restart your device model or router. Log in from different browsers and also change the username and password. Also, restarting the computer and freeing up some RAM may solve the issue.

What causes DNS failure?

The primary issue lies with the TCP and IP settings. Network and area connections also cause problems.


That was all about DNS error 80710102, and how you can get rid of it. So, if you also are struggling with it, the article can save you for good. So do read it.

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