The IP address is one of the core components on which the networking architecture is built. The whole net runs on it. No network exists without any IP address. An IP address is a primary logical address that is used to identify every device that is connected in the network uniquely. Because the IP addresses are logical, they can sometimes change too. They are similar to the addresses, such as in a town or city because the IP address gives the network connected devices an address so that it can communicate with other nodes or networks. This article will help you to login into IP

The numerals in an IP address are mainly divided into two parts:

  • The network part that specifies which network’s this address belongs to and also
  • The host part will further pinpoint the exact location of the connected device.

What is IP Address?

The IP address of is mainly found and used in the Grenoble region of the Rhone – Alpes. This place is a part of the country of France. This IP Address is allocated to Commissariat an l’Energie Atomique.

The Commissariat an l’Energie Atomique is the French word for the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission. This organization is also known as the CEA for Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies as alternatives. This institute is a French public government-funded research organization. It mainly deals in the areas of energy, defense and security, various information technologies and health-related technologies.

Why do large organizations need their own IP address?

  1. Other than the various servers, few machines, many routers or other things that must be Internet-accessible have their own public IP address.
  2. Except for the routers, most of the machines have only one interface and, thus they have only one IP address. You can also use the DNS and port assignments to filter out all the other traffic.
  3. You should always use a network address translation (NAT) to translate between the public and private IPs.
  4. Due to the extremely limited public IP address space, your ISP probably will prevent and not allow you to use more public IPs than what you will need.

Do Computers in an Organization Share the Same IP?

The answer is not apparent. It may be, or maybe not that they use the same IP address. Depending on the size, type, and vintage of the organization, they may own a large enough piece of the Internet address space to dedicate a global IP address to each device or host. Alternatively, an Internet-facing router may expose only a single global IP while all hosts behind the router use LAN IP addresses that are never exposed to the Internet and are private. In that sense, they all share the same Internet IP address.

What is the need for getting access into the router admin panel?

There are many reasons for getting access to the router admin panel. There can be many security-related issues connected with such large corporations.

Also, since this IP address is a part of the larger government, there are many ways by hackers to get illegal access to it.

Default Router User & Password List

With this IP address, the security can be improved by accessing the security settings.

To keep this IP address up and running, there is a need to get access to the mainframevIP address and make the necessary settings to keep this IP address up and running at all times.

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How To Troubleshoot any issues related to the IP address

In some of the cases, there may be some related issues where there won’t be possible to log into the interface page of the IP address This is mostly because if there are a lot of connected devices with that particular IP address, Or, it may be due to the fact that the entered IP address is mostly wrong instead of the original one.

Most of the significant private IP addresses are similar to only point changes. As a typical result, it becomes very easy to make mistakes while the IP address is typed in the IP addresses space. So there must be very attentive detailing when the IP address is entered. Otherwise, there will be this error.

Some common measures to be taken to address some of the most  frequently encountered issues are:

  1. Make sure that the Ethernet cable connection(for wired connections) is fit to work.
  2. Ensure that a proper wireless signal is being transmitted.
  3. Reset the leading network providers if there are some issues.
  4. Troubleshooting also helps to address some minor issues too.


Thus we realize that this is a private IP address that is mainly used in the Grenoble region of the Rhone – Alpes in France.

This IP address belongs to and is used by Commissariat an l’Energie Atomique which is a government organization.

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