Routers are the device that works to forward data in the form of packets between different computer networks. Routers use an IP address for the purpose of identification. All those computers connecting with the network (internet) require an IP address. IP addresses locate the computer mail and web servers by the process of identification. This procedure is for the sending of data to the correct system (computer). The IP addresses are a series of numbers (four). These numbers have dots in between to separate them. For eg: or

The most basic categorization of IP addresses come under private and public IP address. The computers which have the connection directly to DSL modems without any router using a private IP address. But the private IP addresses are different. They are under-recognition (only) by the router and the home network which is in association to it.

Routers are unique because of their IP addresses which are two in quantity. Router’s interfaces (two) have these IP addresses. WAN is the first interface of the router. This one faces the Internet and has a public IP address. The second one is the LAN interface that handles home network. It has a private type IP address.

Know more about Similar IP addresses:

About comes under private IP addresses. That means that the private networks use it as the IP address of any device on the network or the router. is not one of the conventional router addresses. Few of the broadband routers or certain access points make use of it. These may also include some of the printers belonging to USRobotics, SerComm or any other. Models of Netgear may even put it to use.


Being a private address, it is not accessible directly by the internet. It allows any local network working device to connect to any of the other devices on the network. Any website cannot use a private IP address.

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Login procedure

The login Procedure in case of is relatively easy. It requires the following specific steps:

Access Your Router Admin Panel

  1. Open any web browser
    • Type in into the search window.
    • This directs you to the page where it will ask for the username and password.
    • After entering this information (username and password), it opens the admin page
    • Now the changing the configuration can take place.


2. On the page that opens up, there is a lot of stuff that you can modify. These include the transmission rate or bandwidth. The monitoring of the devices that have a connection with this router is possible. For avoiding any security risk, one may even change the username or password (or both).


The typing of the IP address must be correct. Else you will not be able to modify.

The Companies (router) using the IP address are: ZTE, TP-Link, D-Link, Billion, and TRENDnet.

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Working and use of IP addresses’ common use that it assigns itself automatically to the device on the network. For example, we may consider a situation. Some routers with the default address are used for configuration by the administrators. They do so for using as DHCP’s starting range address. This type of setting helps the first devices to get themselves a rounded off (easier number -100) at their addresses. is among some special IP addresses that get the acceptance at worldwide standard. It is under reservation for the admin panel accessing of routers. For this purpose, its recognition is by the name ‘Default gateway IP’.

The settings which can be under configuration using are:

  • Turing the WIFI ON (or OFF): If a WI-FI router is under use for browsing the internet on PC. Then you may turn it off to save power or turn it on (as per need).

bluetooth and wifi

  • The configuration of the Network setting: The general settings of the router can undergo changes by using DNS setting (or gateway IP of ISP). The internet connection may run fast by following certain suggestions from (internet) service provider.

connection of network

  • Restoring the Dead internet: You may fix the problem by 192.168.I.I during the sudden disconnection of the internet. Thus you will not require any (ISP) technician to do it for you.

Unifi Guest Network

  • Settings regarding security: It looks into the security of the router. This restricts the accessing of the internet and the history of the browser. It is a protection against hackers.

network security – Features

The features regarding the IP address are:


  • It can fulfill the purpose as the default gateway
  • This address may appear on the IP/TCP gateway network’s settings. This may occur in case of a client joining an area of the local network.
  • The user is capable to set up their own network. Then will be their router’s default (local) IP address.

Cannot Access Login Page of

It is one of the common problems of many. This may occur due to specific reasons. Some of them can be due to:

  • Bad quality of wire
  • The plugging in of cords is not proper
  • The setting up of the device address and the client is incorrect
  • Cables have a loose connection
  • The router may have a specific problem


Default Router User & Password List

The removal of these issues requires you to:

  • Plug in the cords properly
  • Enter the correct IP address
  • Try different browsers for opening the login page
  • Disable some of the security settings in the computer

Recovering of Username (admin) and Password

Reset is the only option to recover the password and username. This needs the following steps:

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  1. Find the reset button. They are present on the routers.
  2. Hold it (switch) for 10 sec. Then release it when you notice the LEDs blinking.
  3. Connect it to the PC after waiting for a while.
  4. Open the browser and copy in on the URL address bar.
  5. Hit enter
  6. Here admin will be the username and password
  7. They will prompt for modification. Now you may modify the password after login.


What is the function of is mainly to aid communication between different devices.

Can I change the username and password of

Yes, you can change the username and password of; log in to the official website and then go to the admin panel.

What should I do if I can’t log into the admin panel?

Ensure your connection is up-to-date and you have logged into the correct web address. Examine the router and the connections.

Where can I find the IP address of my router?

The user's IP address will be in the user's manual and on the sticker on the back of the modem.


In the end, we realize that is under use by many router brands. It belongs to Class C IP addresses. The reason for its use is the need to configure routers. We need it for turning the setting of Wi-Fi (on or off). We require it for changing of the settings regarding security or for any other settings.

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