Hey there, reader! Are you looking at how to factory reset the Nighthawk router? Your search ends here. You may get all the information you need through this article. 

To reset your router, connect to the internet and access its interface. After that, log in using your credentials and further reach the settings. Here, you will find the factory reset settings. From here on, it is an automated process. You have to make your way through it.

Before you learn how to reset the Nighthawk router, it is essential to learn the basics. You must know why is a factory reset required. To understand all this, you must read this article until the end. Also, remember to read the FAQ section.

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What is a Nighthawk router?

Netgear produces a range of powerful wireless routers called nighthawks. These routers have a solid reputation for being durable and having cutting-edge functionality. For people who want quick internet connections for various purposes such as gaming, streaming, or other data-driven activities, nighthawk routers are a popular option. They are designed to give a steady and dependable internet connection for homes and businesses.  nighthawk router Anyone seeking a reliable and feature-rich router for their home or business network will find Nighthawk routers a popular option since they are high-quality networking equipment that offers a quick and reliable internet connection.

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Why factory reset the Nighthawk router?

A factory reset Nighthawk router might help cure technical issues with your router, such as poor speeds, regular disconnects, or setup mistakes. It removes any software flaws or conflicts that may have developed over time. You can also deal with security concerns, as a factory reset will put your router in its original, safe state if you believe it has been compromised or that unauthorized changes are being made to its configuration. This is critical for the security of your computer system and personal information. why factory reset the nighthawk router

A factory reset is frequently the only way to regain accessibility if you have lost the login information (username and password) used to access the internet interface router. After the reset, you may re-configure your router using the default credentials. Remember that factory reset removes any personal settings, especially WIFI connection names, login credentials, and other setups you have established. As a result, before doing the reset, make a backup of any essential settings or data. So, you must know how to factory reset the Nighthawk router. You may also want to know about the Netgear Nighthawk AC2600 Smart Wifi Router. Check out.

Setting up for the factory reset

There are a few things you should do before you start the factory reset:

  • Make a backup of important information; if you wish to maintain custom router settings or configurations, you must create a backup. You must ensure that a factory reset will delete all your router settings.
  • Gather the required information to prepare your Nighthawk router’s model and serial numbers. This information is typically found on an inscription on the bottom or backside of the router. setting
  • You should check whether you have a physical connection to the router. During the reset procedure, you may need to connect to the router using a computer or a smartphone. 

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How to factory reset your router

The factory reset methods may differ based on the model and version of your Nighthawk router. Therefore, these methods will help you know how to factory reset the Nighthawk router.

how to factory reset your router

  1. Establish a connection with the router, which means you should check that your computer or phone is linked with the Nighthawk router reset using WIFI or an ethernet connection. You must get access to the internet interface of the router.
  2. Then, you should check the access of the router’s web interface, run an internet browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Edge, and type the standard IP address of the Nighthawk router into the address bar.
  3. Now, you will be requested to access the router’s web interface. Using the standard username and password to log in would be best. If you have modified your login credentials and can’t recall them, you may need to do a reset with the buttons on the device itself.
  4. Once logged in or signed in, you should search settings or advanced sections based on your router’s software.
  5. Now you should start the factory reset nighthawk router, search the reset or restore factory settings choice, and select it. You should verify the reset. For verification, you should follow the instructions displayed on the screen.
  6. Now, the router will start the factory reset procedure, which may take several minutes, so you should be calm and patient and not interfere.
  7. After the factory reset is finished, you must consider rebooting the router. You should disconnect the router’s electrical cord from the wall source, wait thirty seconds, and reconnect it.

How to reset the Netgear Nighthawk Router

If your Netgear Nighthawk router isn’t working, you should know the procedure for resetting the Netgear router, ways to do a fundamental reboot, and additional troubleshooting steps. You can also Check out How to log in to Netgear Router.

netgear nighthawk router

  1. Switch on the Netgear router and search for the tiny hole at the back of the device.
  2. Use the flattened end of the paperclip to click the button that resets within the recesses for at least seven seconds.
  3. The router will resume with its default settings after around 30 seconds.
  4. You may then sign in to your Netgear Nighthawk router with the initial username and password specified at the bottom of the router.

What to do after resetting the router

Modifying parental restrictions or guest connections you must set up would be best because the reset process will erase any custom settings.what Make your desired changes to the setting after logging in to your Netgear Nighthawk router with the initial username and password.

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What occurs if I reset my router to its default settings?

When you do a factory reset, the router might remove all the data from its stable and volatile memory, resetting every setting to its basic. This implies that because there have been many significant changes, you must completely reconfigure your home network to be aware of how to factory reset the Nighthawk router.

If I reset my router, will WIFI be lost?

It will remove all customized Wi-Fi settings, like the name of the Wi-Fi and the password you set. You can only use your Wi-Fi once you make modifications to your router.

When should I do a router factory reset?

If you reboot your router frequently during the day, you should do a factory reset. If a reboot doesn't improve your internet connectivity or the internet speed is still inadequate, consider performing a factory reset.

Why am I unable to connect the router after a factory reset?

You may no longer have access to the router's login information, which is essential to connect to the ISP. Supposing you intended a factory reset rather than merely restarting the router.


Now that you have learned how to factory reset the Nighthawk router, you have learned how to solve your issues. In this article, you know what a nighthawk router is, why the need to perform a factory reset arises, and how to conduct that reset. You even got an insight on factory reset Netgear Nighthawk Router, which was relatively easy once learned through this article. Every step has been provided for your convenience, and you must know how to use them to achieve your goals. The FAQ section is there to help you understand the problems other users face and how to resolve them. Now that we are through this, we hope we have done our part. It is all you know. And we believe you must be ready. So, reset your Nighthawk router now!

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