IP address which is a short form for ‘Internet Protocol address ’. It is a number used to identify a specific piece of hardware network. The purpose of IP addresses is to help the communication of devices. Communication which works over a network based on IP (ex: Internet) is under IP address working.

Networked devices get their identity by the IP addresses. It is the same as the business or home address. These are to differentiate the devices on the network (through IP address).

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It is the same as mentioning the address (exact location) and name over a mail. Only specifying the name won’t be effective in delivering it to the right place. To send data over the internet, the computer looks for the hostname with the help of DNS servers. This helps in finding the IP address.
There are several types of IP address which are: private, public, static, dynamic. Furthermore, categorization is under the headings: IPv4 and IPv6.

How to Login to

To log in to, we need to follow specific steps which include:

Access Your Router Admin Panel


  1. Firstly we hook the router to the computer. It can be a wired or wireless relation.
  2. Next, click on ‘Access Router Panel’ (button). The other way is to type ‘’ on the browser and then log in.
  3. In most cases, while entering of username (default) and password, it is ‘admin’.
  4. Now the configuration of router firmware will open up as the homepage.
  5. The adjusting of connection type is possible. The settings like changing of the name (through community) and the increase in new equipment is possible. They are under the admin panel.

Safety rules suggest the changing of username and password. It is an essential factor to keep safe.
The problems while entering the admin panel may occur if the wrong IP address (mistyping) is being under use. It may also happen if there is a problem in the router, connection issue, etc.

Entering the IP address gives you a full approval. By entering into its panel of management the configuration of the router, an alteration is possible. It provides options to many settings like Security, Management of network, LAN wireless settings, WPS, MAC, DSL, etc.

To make changes, you just need to click on the option (as per requirement). Under this IP address, you get command over the network’s connections. Especially under a router are which is wireless. This usually occurs during school, café, and systems working at home.

About is a dynamic (default) IP address. Home broadband routers (Linksys) are the ones ranging under IP address. is one of those private IP addresses (private) which are assignable over specific local networks. These networks may use its range. The companies using as the IP for login are Cisco, Siemens, Linksys, TRENDnet, SmartRG, etc.

The configuration of is also possible on a specific network. This will lead to the assigning of this address to a device (specific). The working of this IP address may also be applicable to work as the ‘default gateway’ IP address. is under use as a local (default) address for many Linksys routers. To make them available for certain clients requires the DHCP which is the complete form to ‘Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol’. Though it is a default setting on systems but if the administrators want, they can change it.

Find all about these similar IP addresses:

Working of as A Private Network is under use by many of the private networks. It does not depend on the router (type). A device with IP address cannot change if its setting is with the static addressing. The changing procedure can only occur when the network is using DHCP.

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Any connection which is a direct attempt (or ping test) will not work in case of This happens because it is a private type of address.


If a device belongs to DHCP address, then manual assigning of should not go under assigning procedure.

Using of

This IP address is in use by the many router factories. They use it under category A IP addresses. They use it correctly for the default gateway (for their routers). Only one system can get along with IP address. Organizing of an (own) community comes under the working of this IP address. Thus these are working for many routers which are under communities.


It works as a local side for connection in case of wireless accessing issue.

Points Regarding

The points which are essential while using are:

  • Cables of good quality are preferable in case of connection based on wires.


  • While issues come forward, try checking the lights on the router. They will provide a better indication.

blinking red light

  • To avoid any issues use a source of power which is stable.


Keep in mind that the address is correct. Before typing keep in mind this particular point.

Default Router User & Password List


Finding the Router’s IP Addresses

It is not a troublesome task to find the IP addresses of a router. This is easier as they are available at a lot of places. The complete information of one’s router can be on:

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User’s Manual

This is a crucial booklet which includes a lot of data about the respective router. Finding of IP address, password and username are pretty easy by using manual. Thus safekeeping is important

asus rt-ac66u router's manual

Stickers on The Back of The Routers

In individual companies, the labels contain information regarding the router. It is as a precaution, in case someone loses the manual.airtel huawei router sticker The information includes the username, password, and the address. The model name is also there. Thus the information on these stickers is beneficial to log in to the panel.


What is the purpose of IP Addresses like

The primary purpose of the IP address is to aid the communication of devices.

How can I log in to

First, you can either login into the official website using the IP address or access the admin panel. You will then have the choice to supply the credentials. The main page will appear when you click Apply.

Should I change the default username and password of

Changing the default username and password is always good since it will result in enhanced security.

What kind of IP address is

A private IP address,, only permits devices connected to the network.

Conclusion is one of the IP addresses mostly under use. It is under reservation for accessing the admin panels in routers. Accessing the IP address is possible if the connection is secure. It also requires the typing of the correct address. The problems and issues regarding this IP address are more accessible to solve.

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