The is a private type of IP protocol address. This IP address is a common IP address and is set as default by many routers to establish a network connection.
This and some other IP address such as those of 192.168 range etc, are accepted by IANA as the worldwide standards for router IP addresses. This IP in technical terms is a “Gateway private IP”.

Not all routers have the identical IP address. There are different IP protocols between the range of the same company products. Some of the routers which use this IP address of are those of D-Link, iBall and also of edimax.

iBall is an Indian tech company in Mumbai, India. This firm deals in computer peripherals, smartphones and tablets, and other networking devices.

If any private network needs to connect to the public Internet, it has to be along with things such as a network address translator or different kinds of proxy servers too.

Logging into IP Address.

  • To access your router’s inbuilt settings interface, you will need to open up your PC browser window and type into the address bar as
  • After you finish correctly entering your IP address, it will ask you for your login ID. Enter in the login credentials. Enter your password and username.

Access Your Router Admin Panel

  • After you finish logging in, a new page will open up. This page will give you secure access to the router’s console from where you can check the different menus, and you will be able to change many of the router’s settings.
  • After you finish doing the changes, log out, and you can see that your changes have been carried out.

Make sure to enter the actual login credentials. Most of the iBall routers have a blank username. But the routers of D-link and Netgear usually have “admin” as their username. The passwords accompany these combinations.

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Why Gain Access To Your Router Admin Panel

Many people usually keep forgetting the original router wi-fi passwords. This is because the default passwords are hard to remember.

If this happens to you, you must first try and reset your router to its original state factory settings by holding down the reset button for a few seconds, and the router will go back to its preset factory data.

router login

After that, you may reset and set a new password by doing the login process again. After setting up a new password, save it so you can use it later for the login process.
You can also change your router’s default IP address by logging in to the router admin panel. You have to make sure that it is within the allowed range for private IP addresses.

Even though this IP address of is a common IP address for such router login process, changing this IP address does not help to improve your home network’s security.

Other minor tasks including Changing the Wi-Fi network name, changing the login username and password, Setting-up any internet Parental Control, Updating your Router’s Firmware, Restoring the Router to Default Factory Settings, etc., can be performed by logging in into the router security interface.

Way to Find Your Hardware’s IP Address?

When you are operating from any of the Windows PC, you can quickly access your router’s current IP address. This can be done by using the “ipconfig” command as given below:

From your Windows PC

  1. Type in cmd for the command prompt in the search bar on the bottom left corner.
  2. Enter “ipconfig” into the prompt to display the available list of all your computer’s connections.
  3. Your router’s IP address when connected to the particular network will be the “Default Gateway” under the section of Local Area Connection.
  4. Use that IP address to log into your browser’s address bar, and you are good to go.

Default Router User & Password List

From Apple’s OSX

  • Open up your OSX / MacOS Terminal by the following method: Finder > Applications > Utilities > Terminal Or you can press in together the keys command + space into the terminal as a shortcut.
  • Enter into the codes as netstat -nr | grep default and then click enter.
  • Your router default IP will look something like 192.168… or in a similar range will show.

How To Troubleshoot Any of the Common Router Issues?

When you are using as the default net IP, you cannot link to a router which is beyond your private IPv4 home network. You will be sent an unsuccessful message if you try to gain access.

If your browser displays “This webpage is not available,” then the router is either offline due to poor connection, or it is unable to respond due to some other hardware issue.

To deal with this trouble, make sure that cable wire connecting your router to the ISP port is in a proper way and firmly attached, or if the wireless network signal is on. If not, try resetting the device.

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About Port Forwarding

Port Forwarding is a beneficial and vital application of NAT( Network Address Translation). Through Port Forwarding, you can access any server or device no matter where you are located. Many people use port forwarding while playing video games online to avoid interruptions. Your friends can quickly join your gaming server without any nuisance.

How To Setup Port Forwarding?

To set up port forwarding, go through the steps that are mentioned below.

  •  The first and foremost step is to know your credentials, including your IP Address, username as well as your password.
  • If you don’t know what your default credentials are, look for them in the user’s manual donated by the service providers. You can also search for them at the back of if your router.

user's manual

  • Now login to your router. For this, you need to open a web browser of your wish. Enter the Default Gateway Address in the search bar.

default gateway

  • It’ll take you to the login page. Enter the default credentials to access the admin page.
  • At the admin page, you’ll find numerous tabs and a variety of options. Look for a port forwarding selection. Please note that it might also be present by the name of “Virtual Servers.”

  • Once you find that, click on the Port Forwarding tab, and it’ll lead you towards the Port Forwarding Page from where you can bring about desired changes.
  • Under the protocol type option, select TCP/UDP or both, depending on your protocol type.

protocol coloumn

  • Under the local address option, type your IPv4 Address.
  • Don’t forget to click on the ” Apply” button to save the changes you have made.


What is the 192.168 network's default gateway?

The default gateway address is Except for packets destined for the local computer or the subnet, all packets transmitted by this PC to other networks will route via the gateway machine with 192.168.

How many devices may be connected to a network?

If the 192.168. 0.0 network is configure with an address range of more than 255 clients, 192.168. 1.0 can be utilize securely. In actuality, however, such networks are uncommon.

What does mean?

The IP address is a local, private, or gateway IP address. The address is assign to your router and will be used by computer devices connected to the network to transmit data requests over the internet.

Which port is used to link routers?

The WAN Port is where you connect your router to the internet. Your internet service provider has provided you with a modem to connect to the internet. However, a router must transmit your internet connection throughout your home network.

Is it possible for a router to have numerous IP addresses?

Your router has many IP addresses. In addition to the router's internal IP, which is your LAN default gateway, it contains a public IP address, a private 'management' IP address, and extra private IP addresses for each device.

Is the router an interface or a port?

Bidirectional router ports allow data to enter and depart the same router port. The router interface, or the physical link the router communicates to the network, is another name for the router ports.

On the 27 networks, how many usable IP addresses are there?

The supplied network address is with a subnet mask of (/27), implying that the network has 32 - 27 = 5 host bits available, allowing for 2^5 - 2 = 30 usable IP addresses.

How many IP addresses are there per router?

Routers are unique in that they have two IP addresses. Each router's two 'interfaces' is given an IP address. The WAN (Wide Area Network) interface is the initial router interface. This is the router's Internet-facing side, which has a public IP address.

What is the distinction between a router and a modem IP address?

A router is distinct from a modem in that it employs two types of IP addresses. Routers use public and private IP addresses. This is because routers have two interfaces: one that connects to the WAN through the modem and another that forms a LAN. The WAN interface, like the modem, has a public IP address.

Is it possible for an IP address to be used by more than one person?

IP addresses are more like postal addresses in that more than one person may share them at a time (and the number of persons sharing an IP can be huge due to NAT and CG-NAT!). Many existing Internet security measures use IP addresses to identify between site visits.


The IP address is a private IP address that is widely used in many global routers. This IP address must only be in a private network and not on the worldwide internet.

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