Block Internet Access

How to Block Internet Access | Block Someone Using Your WiFi!

Ever faced a trespasser? I hope not! But all of you must have come across an anonymous online trespasser—the one who connects to your Wi-Fi every time again and again….

Asus RT-N66U Setup

How to Perform Asus RT-N66U Setup | Complete Guide

Routers are peculiar pieces of hardware. They come in various shapes and sizes, with complexities of their own. They are the primary source that provides us an uninterrupted supply of…

Connect to the Ethernet

How to Connect to the Ethernet? The Wired Way!

Before the advancement of wireless technology like WiFi and mobile data, wires ruled. Communication between devices could take place only via cabled networks. A gigantic cabled mess was a common…

Types of Routers

What are the Different Types of Routers?

Are you planning to buy a new router? Do you want to upgrade from a previous model? Or do you simply wish to enhance your networking knowledge? Whatever your reason…