Xfinity router brings internet to your devices such as computers, laptops, Smart TVs, and mobiles with the help of a Wi-Fi signal or an ethernet cable. The router sends information from one device to another and makes sure that it is safely delivered.

You don’t require an internet connection to create a local area network with the help of your modem. The modem assigns a different IP address to each device connected to it as well as it protects against security breaches. However, the latest Xfinity router a combination of both modem and router for the betterment of customers. This way, they do not need to buy a modem separately, and they can rely on it quickly.

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Locating the IP Address of your Xfinity Router

There are four methods with the help of which you can find the IP address of your Xfinity router login.Check out what to do if your Xfinity router isn’t working here.

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Method 1: Referring Manual

The first method is the easiest among all. When you bought an Xfinity router you must have got and a manual with it. In the manual of your Xfinity router login search for the modem IP address section.

Xfinity Manual

You will find the IP address of your modem written in the manual which you can use to open the Xfinity router login page in a web browser.

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Method 2: Using Command Prompt

The second method is computer-oriented. On your computer screen, go to start where you will find a search box under which you have to type CMD.


A new window will pop up under which you have to type “ipconfig” and press enter. Moments later, you will find your IP address written beside the default gateway.


You can write it down and use it to open your Xfinity router login page.


Method 3: Using Mac OS

If you are a Mac user, you have to go to the utilities section under which you have to select terminal. Now a screen will pop up where you have to type the following netstat -nr | grep default.


Moments later, you will find your IP address written in front of the default written on the screen.


Method 4: Hit and Trial method

The second most straightforward way to find your IP address is the hit-and-trial method. Generally, for the Xfinity router login, it has any three of these IP addresses, which you can randomly try one by one & find out which is the IP for your routers “”, “” or “”.

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Steps to Perform Xfinity Router Login

Generally, just like the IP address login credentials of Xfinity router are also similar for most of the devices if you haven’t reset the password yet. You can find some of the most common login credentials of infinity router below. You can try any of the subsequent combinations and see whether you can log in into Xfinity router or not.


  1. The first step to perform Xfinity router login is to enter the IP address of your router in your browser
  2. The second step to perform login in your Xfinity router is to enter the login credentials on the page displayed
  3. The third step is randomly to try any of the following given login credentials until your login is successful.
  • Type ‘admin’ in the username column and ‘password’ in the password column.
  • Enter ‘root’ in both username and password columns.
  • Type ‘cusadmin’ in the username column and ‘highspeed’ in the password column.

If still all of these login credentials don’t work, then you have to check your manual for login credentials, or you have to contact the customer service.

How to Find your Router’s Username and Password?

As we have already discussed above, you can try any of the login credentials mentioned above, or you can check your router’s manual for the login credentials. If you are still unable to login into your Infinity router, you may have to contact the customer service.

Default Router User & Password List

Some Troubleshooting Tips for Xfinity Router

We believe that you must have done setting up your Xfinity router. Now you may face problems with your connection someday, so here are some troubleshooting tips for you. One of the most common issues with routers is that the internet gets disconnected sometimes.

Your device might show the signal of Wi-Fi, but no internet access. In this case, you need to troubleshoot your Xfinity router so that you can get rid of this problem. Let us see a few troubleshooting tips that will be helpful for you in the future if you face any of these problems on your Xfinity router.

Checking Network Stability

First, you need to understand whether the problem is from your side or the service provider’s side. For doing so, the primary step here will be checking your device’s compatibility with the Xfinity router. You can check out the minimum system requirements for the Xfinity router on your website and make sure whether your device is capable of supporting the Xfinity router login or not.

connecting devices

Device Compatibility

If your device is compatible with the Xfinity router and you still don’t have the internet connection, then you need to check the ethernet cable. The easiest way of troubleshooting the router is rebooting your router. You can do it directly or log in to your router and perform it via your device.

local ip address

If it still does not supports internet connection you can try changing the ethernet cable slot. It may help you to establish an internet connection.

Use the Xfinity App

If you still don’t have the internet connection you can try to troubleshoot it via Xfinity my account app. You can download and login to Xfinity my account app, which is available on both iOS and Android. Here you have to log into your account and select the internet tile. Now, you have to tap on restart this device option which will take approximately seven minutes for your internet to come back online.

Xfinity Apps

If the problem is not limited to a specific device or a particular website, you can try power cycling your router. You can power cycle your router by Disconnecting the router for at least a minute and then connecting it back.

Update Software and Drivers

If you are unable to connect your Infinity router to your smart TV or gaming console, then make sure that your drivers and software are up to date. Also, check whether your Firewall is allowing your gaming console or Smart TV to connect with the router.


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How do I log into my Xfinity Router?

To log into Xfinity Router, In the web browser, search for Admin Tool ( Next, enter ‘admin’ as Username and ‘password’ as the Password to log in.

What is the IP address of my Xfinity Router?

'192.168. 1.1', '192.168. 100.1', or '10.1. 10.1' are the Default IP addresses of Xfinity Router.

What are the benefits of the Xfinity Router?

Xfinity Routers are beneficial as they boost Wi-Fi performances, are compatible with Xfinity Home, power every Xfinity service on a fast network, have a 24/7 customer support system, and have voice modems for Xfinity digital home phones.

What is Xfinity Gateway?

Xfinity xFi Gateways are the compilation of the technology of an Internet/Voice modem and WiFi router neatly in one set of devices, preparing to be a fast and reliable in-home WiFi.


In this article, we explained in detail how to set up and get along with the Xfinity router. Nowadays there are many Xfinity-supported routers available in the market you can enjoy lightning-fast internet on any of them as per your service provider.

By now, you must be capable of managing your router’s issues. We hope you liked this article about performing Xfinity router login.

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