Telmex, the Mexican telecommunication giant, is a name that needs no introduction. A subsidiary of América Móvil, Mi (My) Telmex has almost entirely captured the telecom market in Mexico. If you are a user of Telmex internet routers, and you are looking for solutions regarding the Mi Telmex login and set up of your Mi router, you have come to the right place.

The setup procedure of the Telmex router is similar to the standard methods followed by other companies. Credentials like password, username, and IP address are needed to access, and there are default combinations that work for many. So, here in this article, let us solve your queries regarding Mi Telmex login and its routers.

There is more than one method to establish the setup. The article will discuss each one in detail as you continue to read: If you have different router brands like beetel router, Xfinity router, Dlink router, and Huawei router, learn to log in for these routers here. 

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How to do Mi Telmex Login Router?

Below are the methods for Mi Telmex Login Router.

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The First Login Method:

  1. First, you need to open your internet browser (any browser is fine).
  2. Now type in the Search bar the IP: This is among the most commonly similar IP for Telmex and most other routers.
  3. The page will now ask you to enter your Telmex admin account username and password.
  4. You can enter the default credentials in the two fields. 
  5. It would help if you now pressed ‘Enter’ and completed the Mi Telmex login.

You must note that the username and password are also printed on the label pasted at the back or lower end of the router itself. So, you may as well note the credentials from there.

the first login method for mi telmex login

The username and password for the different models of Telmex routers like HG520b differ.

Some Default Telmex Login Credentials that are widely popular are: 

Default Username Default Password
admin admin
admin (none)
admin password
unknown unknown

You can obtain the details and user manuals for all these and information about other available models from the Mi Telmex web portal.

The Second Login Method:

The default Telmex admin login method to your account is using the model name of your Telmex router. In case you know the model of your router:

  1. Visit the official default Telmex Router Login page.


2. On the open page, you will see the option ‘Which Telmex model do you have?’ From the drop-down bar, select the model of your router.the second login method

3. You will be redirected to the user manual and a guide for your router model.

user's manual

The steps for entering username and password remain the same.

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The Third Login Method:

Yes. There is a possibility that you are not able to log in using the methods mentioned earlier. Maybe you changed the password and cannot recall it anymore. So, how to access your account? When such a situation arises, the most feasible solution is to reset the modem. It is tough to reset your password once it differs from the default, is forgotten, and no recovery method is added.

the third login method

Your best choice here is to reset the device to factory default. This reverts the username and password of the router to default, which is given in the modem label. You can now log in freshly to the account. Read this article if you want to know the username and password for your mobile router. 

Reset The Router

These are the steps for resetting the router:

  1. A red button will be present on the backside of the modem. This is the ‘Reset’ button.
  2. To press this button, use a thin object like a toothpick, safety pin, or paper clip. Keep pushing till the lights of the Internet LED turn red.
  3. The router will restart on its own. Leave the device for 10-15 minutes to allow booting and configuration.
  4. After this, follow the Mi mentioned earlier in Telmex login procedures with the default username and password.

The IP Address:

As you have learned how to complete your Mi Telmex login, you must also wonder about your router’s IP address. Generally, each router has one of the most commonly used IP addresses by default. Some examples are,,, etc.

the IP address

However, Telmex also has a special provision regarding IP addresses. The users have to go to the What is My Router IP page. The page will automatically search and display your router’s IP address on loading. However, you can only perform this method when you have an active internet connection to your router. Talking of IP addresses, read this article to find out Cyta router IP panel login credentials. 

But what if the IP address is changed and forgotten

In case you changed your IP from the default but have now forgotten it, there are two ways to get the IP back:

  1. There is a high possibility that the IP of the default gateway of your desktop is the same as the router’s IP. You need to follow these steps: Start -> Run -> enter ‘cmd’ -> enter ‘ipconfig.’ The results shown are most probably the IP address you are looking for.


2. If the IP address is not a match, you can go ahead with the device reset option only. 

but what if the IP address is changed and forgotten

The Admin Page & Other Router Settings:

After you have seen the several methods of the Mi Telmex login of the router, let us briefly overview the several changes you can make to the router settings through your account:

the admin page & other router settings

  • Modify the login credentials (username and password) to your choice.
  • You can keep an eye on what devices are connected to your router.
  • Upgrade the firmware and other security features.
  • You can simplify your network name.
  • Change the Wi-Fi password.
  • You can modify the DNS server and the internet channel of the router signal.


How can I log in to my Mi Telmex Account?

Having an account on Mi Telmex will allow you to control all the services you have availed by the Telmex web. You can visit the Mi Telmex login page and enter your details to log in. You can also install the Telmex mobile application from Google and Apple stores.

Does Telmex also have a Telmex Internet?

As a telecommunication company, Telmex provides traditional telephone and internet connectivity. This Telmex Internet, which gives access to Wi-Fi and router networks, hosted networks, and IT services, is distinguished under a separate brand name 'Infinitum.'

What is the Telmex com mx?

Telmex com mx refers to the official website of Mi Telmex login. Due to the language and linguistic barriers.

What are the credential recovery options in Mi (My) Telmex?

Recovery is difficult, especially if no recovery options are set in the Mi Telmex account. You can use third-party router password recovering websites like Network Utilities.

Is Spanish the language originally used by Telmex?

Yes. Telmex is a company centered in Mexico. Thus, you will find the homepage and articles related to the company mostly in Spanish.


As a leading name in telecommunications, Telmex provides quality service and essential updates from time to time. The official website of Telmex – Mi Telmex or My Telmex – also spelled mitelmex, is a platform you can use to control all facilities provided by Telmex. In this article, you see a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to set up your Telmex Wi-Fi router. In addition, there are several features availed by the Mi Telmex login and its router login that can be accessed from here. Hopefully, this article could give you a clear idea of the setup and all available alternatives.

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