Etisalat Router Login, Username And Password (2021)

The effect of COVID-19 has been drastic. Many people have to be glued to their desktops and laptops all day. For that, you need good routers with stable connectivity. One of such routers is the Etisalat router. The type of router that you have will be mentioned in the manual of the router. It is one of the widely used routers in these times and you need to know the basics of etisalat router login for access to it.

Furthermore, people have also started watching a lot of online web series. This has lead to an increase in the usage of the internet. In order to cope with this change, people have taken up mobile data and connections and WiFi connections. Most people prefer WiFi over mobile data because of the fact that it provides much stable connectivity. 

This article puts forward the basics of etisalat router login. It is important that you follow everything step by step.

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Default Username And Password For Etisalat Router

Before you proceed to the list, you should know how to redirect yourself to the etisalat username and password page. Type the default IP address at the address bar. It can be,,, and many more. The mentioned ones are the common ones

set up router
Set up router

Then, a pop-up will ask you to enter the credentials of the username and password.

You can try entering the following credentials:

  • Username – root

 Password – (blank)

  • Username – admin

 Password – telus

  • Username – admin

 Password – 1234

  • Username – ipbbx

 Password – ipbbx

In case nothing of the above works for you, enter the credentials your technician had given you at the time of installation. This must be on paper or somewhere. It is an important piece of information that will help you to do the etisalat router login.

If there is no luck with the login, you do not need to panic. Here are a few ways that will still make it possible for you to log in.

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What To Do If Etisalat Default Router Password Does Not Work?

Sometimes, none of the methods mentioned above may be of any use to you. You can then move on to searching the credentials in the manual of the router. There might be a possibility that you can get the etisalat default router password information there. This might sound a little time-consuming, but you might get some handy information there.

You can also try surfing on the website of the router that you have. Some companies publish the credentials of their routers on their websites. You might want to look out for the username and password there too. 

Another option is to look for a sticker on your router. The credentials of your router may be in the form of a sticker. This might be at the bottom or at the sides of your router. The etisalat router login credentials will be written on that. It may either be handwritten or printed – it depends on how you bought the router. 

If you do not find any of the methods useful to you, you might want to take up the extreme step. This is the resetting of the router. Please note that this should only be done when you do not have any other option left with you. This acts as an option of last resort only.

What you need to do is that you need to hunt for a small button on your router. Then, you need to choose an object that will help you to press that button. It could be a paperclip or the back of the toothpick. Once you select the object, hold press the button. Make sure that you have connected the router to the internet while you perform this. After the lights go out, do not panic; wait until it comes back. Once it does, you know that your router has been put back to factory settings. To know about iBall router login, click here.

How To Change Etisalat WiFi Password?

All you need to do is to follow the steps in the prescribed way. It is extremely simple to perform if you do not skip any steps along the way.

  • Type the IP address that you used to perform the default username and password for etisalat router.
  • Head onto the control section of the router, where you need to go to the settings information of your router.
  • After clicking on next, enter the Etisalat username and etisalat router password that you used earlier.

    username and password
    Username and Password
  • You can then change the password as soon as you do this.


You have proper knowledge about how to go about the etisalat router login procedure. This article has also guided you on how to change the etisalat wifi password. 

It is important that you follow the steps in the prescribed order. You should not jumble the order of the article. When you do not find the credentials working for you, you can then head on to the website of the router. After that, you can hunt for the credentials elsewhere. In case nothing works, you can move on to reset your router to factory settings.

It is vital that you do not do this on your own. It is better that you take assistance from a professional if you are performing the reset for the first time. This is so that you do not make any mistakes and cause irreparable damage to your router. The mistakes can cost you your new router. Professionals are experts in this field, and they will make sure that the scope of error has been reduced.

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