Dodo Router Login: Default Username and Password

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If you are looking for information about the username and password of the Dodo router login and the ARRIS router, then you’re in the right place. Originated in 1999, and over the years, it has been on a roll. But do you know how to login to the dodo router?

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A default username and password that are unique to that model are included with DODO routers. Typically, “admin” is the default password. Look in the router’s manual or on the manufacturer’s website to find the DODO router’s default login and password. You can update the password to something safer when you log in to your router. It’s crucial to pick a secure password that is difficult to guess. A strong password should have a combination of upper- and lowercase letters, digits, and symbols and be at least 8 characters long.

This blog will cover the Huawei HG659 Dodo, Dodo router login information about the Huawei HG659, Step-by-step instructions, Login and Find My Router’s Ip, etc.

Dodo HG659 Router: What Is It?

You must be linked to the router’s network to access the user account. These details may be found in the Huawei HG659 Dodo router’s handbook. You can, however, follow the brief guide below when you don’t have the router’s handbook or don’t want to go through the entire thing to figure out all the default login details of the Dodo Modem.

In actuality, Huawei asserts that the company produces some of the greatest routers in the market, which are widely used in households and workplaces. A more reliable internet service will be offered with a better router.

Furthermore, the Dodo modem is comparatively well-liked by consumers because of its numerous features. You may connect numerous devices simultaneously, and the entire experience is straightforward.

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Dodo is an Australian internet & service supplier that offers internet & Television services to residential customers. Dodo offers wired and internet technology access to customers. Different companies produce Dodo routers, including TP-Link, Vodafone, Huawei, TPG Archer, Belong 4315 Modem, and Google modem.

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This guide will assist you in logging into the Dodo router and configuring your modem should you use any of the manufacturers of web modems connected to the Dodo internet access and wish to alter your Wireless username and password or activate additional security features.

Dodo router login information about the Huawei HG659

  1. Start your internet browser and enter the standard Ip in the web address to sign into the Dodo Router.
  2. The network login screen with two text fields where you can enter a name and a passcode should now appear. huawei login
  3. The Huawei HG659 dodo router login name and password are user and HuaweiUser, respectively.
  4. Enter your username and password on the router’s login screen, click “Login,” and thus, the Dodo router panel will appear.

And if you altered the Huawei HG659 dodo router login or passcode and then forgot it, you don’t have to panic—you can reset the network by pressing and holding its reset button with only a clip for around ten seconds.

Instructions to Login and Find Router’s Ip

The Dodo modem & VDSL/ADSL modem employ the same login procedures; however, the account IP address, name, and passcode may vary depending on the company’s make and model.

To view Dodo network settings via an internet browser

  1. Adhere to the procedures.
  2. Plug the power connector into the Dodo router modem, then switch it on.
  3. For wired networks, utilize a LAN connection to hook a PC or laptop to the LAN port on such a modem. huawei lan port

When your Dodo router supports WLAN, link utilizing WiFi SSID and password, and enter the dodo “user login” IP address via,, or another as displayed in an internet browser.

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When you log in to the dodo internet router, you will find the wireless setup for internet connection remotely and WAN web settings for customizing the PPPoE password and username supplied by the dodo instructions received during the setup of the internet connection.

Explanation of Dodo Router Login

Even if you lack technological expertise, you can still successfully log into a Dodo modem. Ensure that the procedures are done precisely and without any errors.

The IP address of a Dodo router

A Dodo Gohub Ip has to be entered in the browser box as a first step. After entering that, you will encounter a page where you must type the details that appear ahead. These details must have been provided to you by your technician during installation. The standard IP address for such a router would be

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Try using the list of every dodo router login username and password if you need help remembering any of these.

Username Password
admin admin
user user
(blank) (blank)
root admin
(blank) admin
admin (blank)
admin 1234
admin password

There are several choices available, as has been discussed throughout. Make an effort to give the majority of them a go. You should keep reading if these credentials don’t work out now.

HG659 Default Passcode: What should be done Dodo Router Is Down?

If your Dodo router is down and you need the default passcode for the HG659, the best thing you can do is contact Dodo customer service. The customer service representative will be able to provide you with the passcode and help you get your router back up and running. Depending on your service plan, you may also be able to reset the passcode yourself by following the steps outlined in the user manual. If you cannot reset the passcode or get your router back up and running, contact Dodo customer service for further assistance.

How Can A Dodo Router Be Reset?

As already indicated, you need the proper username and password combination to get into the routers. Users occasionally forget or cannot reach them, albeit this happens occasionally. Without this information, customers are unable to access the settings page. Resetting the router is indeed the greatest remedy for this problem. Your router’s default settings are completely restored after a factory / hard reset.

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Additionally, it will remove all user data from the device. So, before you reset the gadget, be careful to preserve everything vital. The Dodo router may be reset by following these steps:

  1. On the actual device, look for the hard reset button. On the rear plate, there is a little hole.
  2. Use a little pin or tiny clip to pierce the button.
  3. The gadget will finally make a beeping noise to let you know the reset procedure is over. You could now re-login using the same procedures and your default login information.

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What to do when the Password for Huawei HG659 Dodo Does not work?

The factory default password for your router may not be the same as shown above. A different Huawei password must be tried. You can try any of the Huawei Passcodes in our comprehensive list.

Username for Huawei HG659 Dodo Modem was forgotten - what to do?

If the ISP gave you your router, you might want to ask them about their knowledge of getting into your network. They could sometimes store your password.

How to Restore the Huawei HG659 Dodo Router's Factory Settings?

Resetting your router to its factory settings is your final resort if you can't log in. Read our article for assistance in resetting your network.

What is the most common and popular username?

The most popular username and password of TP-Link & Huawei routers sold by TPG would be 'admin.' The most popular login Address is If none work, look for the login information on the router's label or do a hard reset to recover the default login information.


Now that you understand how to set up & login to your Dodo router, anyone can do it very quickly. All you require is to follow the instructions in this article. Under no circumstances should the preceding techniques’ sequence be changed.

Before resetting your router, one should test the default username, password, and other options. The dodo router reset is the last resort and should be used only if all other options have failed.

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