The pandemic of COVID 19 has been the reason for major changes. Most of the institutions have shifted to the e-mode. This has been the only way to cope up with this pandemic. Schools and businesses have been majorly affected and it is not wise for them to stop functioning. The best alternative for them is to continue their jobs using the e-platform. Apart from this, people have found themselves being glued to online web series too. 

It can be said that the usage of the internet has been risen by a large amount. For people to adapt to this, they have taken up mobile data or WiFi networks.

One of the highly sold routers is the Cradlepoint router. If you do not know yours, you might want to check the body of the router. 

Owning a router and connecting to its WiFi service is not enough. It is extremely necessary for you to gain some knowledge about the basic things of the router.

In this article, you will get an insight into how to perform the Cradlepoint login. All that is expected out of you is that you just follow the steps in the given manner.

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How To Perform The Cradlepoint Router Login

The first thing that you must remember is the Cradlepoint login credentials that your technician has given to you. 

If this does not work for you, then you will have to use either of the combinations for the default username and password of this router.

For all of the operating systems, you need to enter the username as n/a or none. If you have a MAC, you need to enter the last 6 digits of the MAC address. In the case of other operating systems, just leave the password section blank.

But, where do you enter this information?

You will have to type the default IP address to the admin interface. In this case, you must type in the address bar. Know how to log in to the Orbi router from this article.

Cradlepoint Login

You will then see a window that is similar to the one below wherein you need to enter the credentials.

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What To Do If The Cradlepoint Default Password Does Not Work

Well, you need to spend some time looking for the Cradlepoint login in the manual that you have received with the router. Most router companies have this in their manuals. This will be a little tedious for you to do, but do not miss this option out.

Sometimes, the company sticks the default credentials on the body of the router. Make sure that you look for the Cradlepoint MBR900 default password here too.

Another way to find the credentials would be to hunt for them on the website of the router. This is the most authentic place where you will find such information. 

The last option for you will be to look for the small button at the back of your router. This will help you to perform the factory reset for the Cradlepoint MBR900. That button will be extremely tiny and will be at the bottom of the back of your router.

Reset Router

You will not be able to press the button with your fingers. There will be a requirement of an external object, perhaps the back of a toothpick or the paperclip that does not have a sharp end.  While the button is connected to the power supply hold and reset . Make sure that you hold this until the lights go out. As soon as you see the lights back on, you know that you have successfully reset your router to factory settings. Only do this when none of the above works for you.

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You now know how to perform the Cradlepoint login within a short span of time. For you to find it easy, there are pictures that will facilitate you to comprehend it in a better manner. The most vital thing for you to do is that you need to follow the steps in the given order. This can only happen when you spend enough time understanding how does the procedure go about. Once you get to know things, the chance of you committing an error. 

You first need to use the default credentials that have been laid out. This will work perfectly for you if you have not altered the Cradllepoint admin password. If that does not work for you, you need to look for the changed password. After you have finished hunting the manual and website, only then you can proceed to the resetting of the router. Please do not do this at the first instant when you are unable to find the pair of credentials.

There is a chance that you might cause some irreparable damage if you use the wrong type of object. If you want to avoid this issue, make sure that you reach out to a professional. 

After you completely read this article, you will not find it challenging to perform the Cradlepoint login. So, spend enough time to get to know everything.

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