It is evident that the use of the internet has risen to an extreme amount. Most of the things, from education to essential goods, are available online. Therefore, you can say that the dependency on the internet has risen to an immense amount.

People have adopted different methods to cope up with the change. Some have taken up private mobile data connections or WiFi networks. The preferred one has always been the WiFi networks because they provide a more stable connection

Of course, millions of routers exist in the market. One of the highly renowned ones is the Actiontec MI424. You can find the brand of the router on the body or the manual of the router.

In this article, you will understand and perform the Actiontec MI24WR login in a straightforward way. What you need to do is that you will have to follow the steps in the given order.

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How To Perform The Actiontec MI424 Login

The first thing you will have to do is enter in the address bar. This will lead you to a page from where you will enter a set of usernames and passwords. Here, you will have to enter the same password that your technician must have given you at the time of installation. You must have written this down somewhere.

actiontec mi424wr login

If you do not remember anything, you must try the Actiontec M1424WR default password from this list. Make sure that you enter the credentials very correctly so that you can perform the Actiontec MI424WR login.

Username Password
admin password
admin (blank)
admin telus
(blank) (blank)
n/a (blank)
admin n/a
Admin Admin

Now that you know this let us go to the main subject of this article – how to change the password. Make sure that you spend some time understanding it.

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How To Change MI424 WR Default Password

To change the password of the router, you will first have to do the Actiontec MI424WR login. Once you do this, you will check the main screen appear in front of you. Head on to the tab that says Wireless Settings that will be present on the left side of your screen.

change mi424 wr default password

The basic settings will then have to be used to set up a wireless network. Here you will get a chance to change the key of the router. Once that is done, you must hit on applying to see the changes.

Actiontec MI424WR Password

There are ways to retrieve your password. The initial thing to do is that you should look for it on the body of your router. There is a probability that you will get the Actiontec MI424WR default login there. 

The next thing that you can do is try out the router’s official website to get this. This might cause you to look for it a bit, but it is certainly worth the try.

There is a possibility that you can try out to get the Actiontec MI424 password in the manual. It might sound a little monotonous to you, but you must spend some time looking for it.

If you do not get anything to log in, the best way to change the password will be to perform a router factory reset. This will change your router to owning the factory reset credentials. You will have to go and look for a small button behind the router for this. Press this button on an external object that is sturdy and not pointy. You can use the back of a toothpick or a paperclip.

retrieve your password

As soon as you decide on the thing, you can then press the router’s button. Wait until the router’s lights go off and only lift the object once the light comes back on; you can lift the thing. Do you know that the factory reset of the router has when the lights turn back on?

After you reset, all you need to do is that you will have to make use of the M1424WR default login. Then, you need to perform the steps mentioned earlier to change the password of your router.

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It is now clear for you how to perform the Actiontec MI424WR login straightforwardly. All that you need to do is that you will have to follow the steps in the given order so that you do not make mistakes. Also, you will have to follow the methods in the given order only.  

Logging into the router is one of the essential things to be done. It is an important skill that you should know when you have a router. Even when you just read the steps once or twice, you will surely be able to do it quickly. 

One crucial thing that you should understand here is that you must never directly move onto the reset of your router. This is only when you have none of the options working out for you. Once you decide that, you must then seek help from your technician. We advise this because there is a chance that you might cause some damage to the router.

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