The WiFi network has become the oxygen for most of us to survive the pandemic. As a result of the pandemic, most people have been forced to stay indoors. Schools and businesses have been operating using the online mode. This is the only way that helped them function.

To kill boredom, people have started investing their time in watching web series online. Overall, the usage and dependency on the internet have been boosted. To perform the best, these institutions have invested in routers. The internet connection provided by a router is far more stable than the connection provided by mobile data.

One such router type is the router. You will get to know the type of your router type through the manual that has been provided to you along with the router. Sometimes, it is even on the body of the router. The essential thing you should be aware of is logging into your router. It is beautiful if you do not know how to do it.

this article briefs you about the methods you must follow to login into the IP

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How To Log In To Router

It is straightforward for you to log into your router with the credentials that your technician has provided you with. This would have been the one that had been provided to you during the installation of your router. login

If such a thing does not ring a bell, you can choose to enter one of the combinations from the table presented below.

default table

If none of the abovementioned combinations are helpful, there is no reason to panic. There is still a way to help you log into your router. Read on to find out the different ways to help you get into your router.

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What To Do If I Am Unable To Log Into My Router

The first thing that you need to do is to relax. It is still possible for you to log into your router. Please follow the steps in the order brought forward to you – do not change the order.

The first thing to do is to check the official website of the router that you have. Most companies will post this on their website. You might want to spend some time searching for the same.


There is a possibility that the credentials might be stuck to your router too. You might have to lift the router and check it out. It might be at the sides too.

Another place that can have the credentials is the manual you must have received with your router. This might take a little time for you to hunt. However, it would be best if you did this to cover every possible area with the credentials.

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The Ultimate Method

What if previous methods do not work? Will you still be able to log into your router? You can do this by following the ultimate plan – resetting the router. Note that you should consider this as your last option only. You first need to look for a button at the back or the bottom of the router.

The button’s size will be too small to press with your finger alone. You will require an external object to do so – perhaps the back of the toothpick or a paperclip. Press the button once you choose the thing until the lights go off. Wait until the lights turn back on – your router is set to the factory settings. Now, you can use the default username and password.

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It is now clear that you know the default username and password of your router, and you know how to log into it. Please ensure that you follow the steps in the order shown to you. Do not juggle the order that needs to be followed. You should first check the things that are available to you. Enter one of the combinations each time to check whether your router will log in with that credential. If not, then move on to the next. Do not directly move on to reset your router because you cannot log in.

It is mandatory to note that you should not reset your router on your own. This is majorly to avoid any damage if you take this up. For example, choosing the wrong object to press the router’s button might lead to you damaging the router to the extent that it might be permanent. This will be far more expensive than paying the amount the technician would ask you to.

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