Routers in this digital world have become necessary for every human being, as they help provide the internet. Some routers with ip address are worth buying. But when a router comes, it has to be set up and logged in. Thus, a guide for easy login to the router is available for all its users.

This article provides you with various solutions where one can learn how ip address- works, how you can set up and log in to the router with ip address, and how you can change the password and ID after factory reset as it provides a solution for users with the best high-speed internet at affordable prices. It would be best if you referred to the guide; depending on the issue, you can follow the steps.

Give this article a read to learn how to easily set up the router with

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What Is IP Address? illustrates a local, private, or gateway IP address. Networked computer devices will send requests for data to the router at It can connect to a maximum of 32 devices, so you don’t need to switch signals from each one. Modern technologies select the optimal signal and band for your devices.

ip address

Wi-Fi fast roaming allows you to move around your house without experiencing signal loss or buffering. With the router’s Wi-Fi app, you can easily set up your Wi-Fi, create a guest Wi-Fi to protect the privacy of your network, keep track of who is connected and control the priority of their access, schedule a time for your kids’ online activities, and more.

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How To Login to Router With

If you use the Internet at home, a router is almost always there, which is preferred using. Your basic Wi-Fi network is now operational when the router automatically joins. Your Wi-Fi network might not be configured with a password, or it could not be suitable for your needs.


To change your Wi-Fi network, you must log into your router using the IP address It is always helpful to know how to get to the router’s administration page in case modifications need to be made, and doing so is simpler than you may believe.

Every router has a simple login process. To install the router, one only needs to adhere to the few procedures listed below:

  1. It would be best if you still had a computer that could connect to the internet, even though having a router would help. You can use a computer, laptop, or smartphone. The next step is to attach your computer to your router. Either a wired or wireless ethernet connection can be used for this.

connecting devices

2. Open your preferred web browser while your machine is linked to your router. Popular browsers include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. Open your browser and type into the search bar to obtain your IP

3. To reach the login portion of your router’s admin page, type into your browser’s address bar. The username and password for your router must be provided. The relevant data will direct you to the menu option of the router’s admin page.login

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How To Change Your Local IP Address From

Your router’s real, local IP address is another frequently modified router setting. The details of your router’s two IP addresses are provided below.

You will need your new IP address if you change it from to access your router’s admin page. Follow the steps below to do the needful:

  1. Regain access to the router’s administration page. The procedures are described above. Look for the general settings menu or an option with the IP address listed next to it on the main page.
  2. The next selection is “Network settings.”
  3. The “router settings” feature may only be accessed through this menu. You must enter your IP address in this form.
  4. Save your alterations

How To Change Default Login And Password

Considering security a major issue in today’s time to an individual’s life, the router provides security checkups as well in its router. Since network security is crucial, the first and most important duty is to alter the default login and password for the router to something more private and safe. Some strong password tips are:


  • For your router, pick a complicated password using unusual letters, numbers, Greek, and Latin that only you can remember.
  • Protect it by taking several steps.
  • Checking usability is also necessary.


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How To Factory Reset And Log In To The Router With

You can reset any router completely to factory default and log into it with different credentials. Therefore, first, one has to reset the router, and only one can log into it.

  1. Switch on the router.
  2. Search for the reset button. A reset button and a tiny hole are common features of routers.router button
  3. To reset the device’s factory settings, press and hold the “Factory resetbutton for around 15 seconds using a paperclip pin or anything similar that fits inside the button’s little hole. (till every light is flashing)router button
  4. The router automatically reboots. The device has been reset and is now available for usage. Go to Step 1 of this guide to get started.
  5. Log back in again using the above steps.


What should I do if I cannot access the internet even after following the steps?

In such cases, you should contact that company's customer service regarding the router, as they are available 24x7, so once you call on the toll-free number provided, they will register your complaint and send the technician within the next 24 hours of registering the complaint.

Should I buy the router online or go to the store?

Electrical products are always suggested to be bought from the store, as online products don’t always provide a guarantee or warranty. So at a later stage, when a problem arises, products brought online usually create havoc.

What is the maximum speed it can handle?

It can handle upto 1gbps speed, providing high-resolution video and audio downloads.

Does the router’s wifi work on smart TVs?

Yes. Every router’s wifi works on all kinds of smart TVs and gadgets. You just need to connect it with the password and the login ID set on each device you connect to.

How many maximum devices can be connected to it?

It can connect a maximum of upto 32 devices, where each device needs to be fed with the login id and password at least once before you connect to it for the first time.

In future cases, what to do if some issue occurs with the internet or the router?

In that case, you can register your complaint on the complaint number, and within 24 hours, a technician will visit your place and resolve your issue for free.


A technician comes home to install a router after you purchase it. Instead, following the instructions above, you may set up any router and login using the IP address to access the internet. The router offers you the greatest, easiest methods. It is one of the routers on the market that enables simple setup and login for the user without the assistance of a technician because the IP address is a public one that anybody can access.

Consequently, we hope this post has helped you either get into the router, reset it, and log in again or learn how to set passwords for your router to keep it secure by using the IP address.

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